James has always loved two things: art and dogs.

By day, James works as a graphic designer, and by night James sketches the rescue dogs his friends adopt. 

He gifts the sketches to his friends, his way of thanking them for adopting a rescue dog instead shopping for a dog at a pet store or a breeder. Of course, his friends love them.

His sketches were seen by other friends and friends of friends and they started requesting drawings for themselves. Soon, James had an entire collection of sketches of rescue dogs, and it was then he had an idea.

The idea was to put all of the sketches into a book, the sketch along with the rescue story of each dog. The book would be a vehicle to spread the “adopt don’t shop” message to a larger audience.

Being an artist, he knew that art could impact change. Art can help mitigate the numbing effect created by the glut of information we are faced with today. Art helps people not only understand something with their minds, but also to feel it emotionally. The art, along with the stories of the dogs, portrays survival and unconditional love, which could potentially motivate people to change their behavior when looking to add a dog to their families—adopt don’t shop!

James also decided on a second purpose for his book; he wanted to donate 50% of each sale to rescue organizations. He started local in his home town of Sydney, Australia by supporting Pet Rescue. He then decided to move on to the United States and started selling books for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. After hearing about the plight of the Indian pariah dog, he partnered up with Dharamsala Animal Rescue.  

James added two rescue dogs from India to his e-book (will be in the next version of the paperback) and the dogs and the rescue could not be happier. 

rescue dog

DAR Dog “Life”


To purchase your book and have 50% of the sale benefit Dharamsala Animal Rescue, click the button below and use the code darescue upon checkout.


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About the author

James Strutt

James Strutt

James Strutt is a native Australian, born and raised in Sydney. He works as a graphic designer by day and by night he puts his love of sketching and painting to good use by helping rescue dogs all over the world. You can purchase one of James’s book of watercolor sketches of rescue dogs here.

50% of the proceeds will go to our dogs at Dharamsala Animal Rescue if you use the code: darescue upon checkout.