Street Animal Rescue

Dharamsala Animal Rescue runs a rescue program for the thousands of animals living on the streets of Dharamsala

Our rescue program handles the cases where the animal needs 24 hour care. Every day we respond to calls on our helpline to come to the aid of animals injured after being hit by a vehicle, to severe wounds, illnesses, burns, etc..

Most cities across India don’t have helpline, a hospital, or a shelter for suffering street animals. In those places, animals must suffer without any help and possibly die slow painful deaths. We receive calls from places outside of Dharamsala but unfortunately, we only have the funds, space, and manpower to barely keep up with the issues in our own city.

Below is one of our first success stories

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Tikki - Rescue to Recovery

Sheru’s Story

Injured Sheru

Sheru recovering after amputation

Sheru learning how to have fun again

Sheru was approximately 8 weeks old when we received a call that he had been run over by a car. He leg was completely smashed and we needed to do an emergency amputation. He is such a sweet guy and we all fell in love with him. His recovery was quick and soon enough he was coming on our daily hikes with the rest of the dogs. Sheru was lucky enough to be adopted by a nice monk from the Sarah College where he now attends classes with the students, hangs out at the women’s hostel, and gets taken on walks to a river where he can swim!
Sheru was lucky enough to be adopted by a nice monk from the Sarah College.

Dharamsala Animal Rescue relies solely on donations for our work

Thank you so much for caring for our animals and people.

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For every animal saved, countless others are still suffering.

By donating, you can create a future where animals no longer have to suffer. 

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