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Humane Education

We feel that education is the way to a better future

We feel that education is the way to a better future. We educate the community on Rabies to prevent unnecessary human deaths. We also teach compassion towards animals in hopes of preventing further cruelty and indifference.


Education is the key to a better future.

How Can You Prevent Rabies?


Have your pets vaccinated against rabies.


India also has the highest amount of human deaths by rabies. 95% of the time this is the result of a dog bite.


If your cat or dog is sick, seek the advice of your veterinarian.

Vaccinating a Stray

What to do if you are bitten:


Immediately cleanse the wound thoroughly with soapy water.


Applying irritants to the wound such as chilli powder, plant juices, acids or alkalis.


Do not cover the wound with a bandage


Get medical attention. Go to your family doctor or nearest emergency room.


Drinking Holy Water will not help.


DO NOT DELAY CALLING. YOU MAY NEED TREATMENT. Human rabies caused by the classical rabies virus continues to be almost 100% fatal, with no specific treatment available anywhere in the world.

For more information see the RABIES FAQ.

Humane Education Programs

Charan Kad

Charan Kad Girl helping a pup get vaccinated

Charan Kad boy helping our staff catch the dogs

Annual Charan Kad Rabies Vaccination Camp

Charan Kad slum of Dharmsala, is home of displaced families from the poorest areas of India. They live in slums of up to 600 people, struggling to survive with begging and waste collection. Being out-of-state citizens they have no rights and no government support. There are also about 200 stray dogs living in the slum and with the families living in makeshift tents, it is a huge health risk to have unvaccinated dogs roaming around.

Each year DAR, holds a rabies vaccination camp and then follows up with a ABC (Animal Birth Control) program to try to prevent the population from growing.


Each year, the day before, we ask the villagers to help with catching and explain the risks of rabies.

Many of the villagers get involved, especially the kids!

Be kind to animals

Rakkar Village School. Dr. Hari Teaching

Rakkar Village Pet owners coming to get vaccination

Annual World’s Rabies Day Education Program

Each year on September 28th, World’s Rabies Day, DAR provides an educational talk at a select school. DAR also offers free rabies vaccinations to any member of the community who brings their pet to us on that day. The program includes an interactive session with children, teaches, and parents, on rabies and compassion. Fun and learning is had by all.

Dharamsala Animal Rescue relies solely on donations for our work

Thank you so much for caring for our animals and people.

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