India school kids

We feel that education is the way to a better future

ANIMAL BUDDIES – School Education Program

Animal Buddies is a kid’s education program aimed at teaching children how to be kind to stray dogs…..even they are afraid of them.

DAR was lucky enough to have a book written just for our program: “Saathi: The Street Dog from Dharamsala,” by Julie Palais. The book follows Saathi, a dog living on the street who unfortunately, due to cruel behavior by a human ends up with burns all over his back. Saathi come to DAR for care, love, and affection and ends up adopted by a local family. The story is based off of a true story and actual photos of the real Saathi are found at the end of the book. The purpose of the book is to teach kindness toward street dogs, and that they can indeed be wonderful pets. We always leave copies for the school library. If you would like to purchase a copy for our program, please go to our Amazon Wishlist. 

If you are in Dharamsala or surrounding areas and would like this program at your school, please email If you are another NGO and would like to use this for your schools, we are happy to share. Again, you may contact us at the above email address.

Behavior Change

It’s not the street dogs, it’s us.

Educating children on kindness and safety is the only path to a better future for dogs and humans. Indian children learn to fear dogs from a young age and are taught to throw rocks and run – the exact opposite of what you need to do if you do not want a dog to bite you.

Bites in India can be deadly, not because of deep wounds, but because every 30 minutes a human dies of rabies. 50% of that time it is a child.

By teaching children how to safely interact with street dogs, we are not improving the relationship between dogs and kids, but we are potentially saving a life. Please watch to video to learn more.

Please click here to learn more about our rabies education and prevention.

Indian school kids
Kids and dogs

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