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Adopt today, gain a beautiful soul forever

Why are you are looking for a pure bred, when DAR pets come vaccinated, neutered and ready to love FOR FREE.

Why would you go anywhere else?

We provide them with a full veterinary check, we ensure all of the dogs up for adoption are sterilized/neutered, receive rabies and basic vaccinations, as well as preventive treatments against worms, fleas and ticks.

Neutering dogs give them better chance to stay healthy and have a good behavior (no fighting or marking territory for male, no heat and puppies on female).

Abandoned pets and stray dogs do not ask for much. All they need is another chance.

Each year this chance has given hundreds of animals a new life through our adoption program.

You can find out more on our Facebook page or simply enquire below.

If you have seen an animal on our list that you are interested in, please come in during opening hours, or email us for an adoption application at: darescue@gmail.com.

Adoption at our rescue is FREE

Every animal adopted at our shelter enables us to help another. Please help us help them!

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