Street Animal Feeding

Dharamsala Animal Rescue partners with We Help the Strays to feed 250 plus street animals per day.

During India’s first lockdown due to Covid 19 in April of 2020, the animals living on the street lost their food sources: restaurant left overs, garbage bins, and leftovers/scraps provided by shops and businesses. DAR convinced the local government to get special passes to groups of people who wanted to feed the dogs and other animals so they did not starve. One family in particular stepped up and today feeds 250 animals per day. As of April 2021, DAR provides the funds needed for food each month. You can view their daily work at We Help the Strays on Instagram. 

Feeders are a crucial part of our community work. The more humans out there feeding and being kind to street dogs, the easier it is for us to catch dogs for sterilization, vaccination, and rescue. When the community is daily feeding dogs and animals the suffering is decreased and a bond if formed. Watch the video to hear more of an explanation of how DAR got involved.

Street Feeding During First Lockdown

Community Partnerships help reduce human/street dog conflict, monitors street dog health, and encourages adoptions.

Meet Surbhi and Sarthak Dogra

Surbhi and Sarthak, headed by their mom, decided to feed and care for dogs in their area and have continued to expand their work. They also help find homes for street dogs, and are our social media team at DAR. 

Feeding Leads to Successful Adoptions

When Sarthak, Surbhi and their team of feeders find dogs in need of care, they immediately bring them to DAR. For Citi, who they found in a ditch after she must have been hit by a car was given a second chance at life. Without We Help the Strays finding her, she would have died. Today, she is living the life in the USA. 

Daily Feedings lead to the human street dog bond.

Feeders are out in the streets daily, showing the neglected street dogs that we can all get along.

Dharamsala Animal Rescue relies solely on donations for our work

Thank you so much for caring for our animals and people.

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