Dharamsala Animal Rescue Supports Street Feeders for Dog Population Management


Following the recent statement by the Delhi High Court stating that “Community dogs have the right to food and citizens have the right to feed community dogs”, Dharamsala Animal Rescue supports feeding as it is a crucial part of street dog population management.

Watch this short film introducing animal feeders of Dharamsala. Feeding dogs eliminates emigration, increases welfare, and eases catching for sterilisation. In addition, the film gives important information to stray animal feeders who are facing harassment and aggression everyday.



In Article 51-A of the Indian Constitution, The Ten Fundamental Duties includes: “It shall be duty of every citizen of India to protect & improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures.”

2. Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act makes all animal cruelty a criminal offence.

. The Indian Penal Code 1860 has similar provisions:
Section 428 and 429 provides severe punishment (up to 5 years imprisonment) to people resorting to dislocation, abduction and acts of cruelty towards community animals or pets.

Section 506 It’s a crime to threaten abuse or harass neighbors who feed animals.
Section 503 Intimidation is a criminal offence.

If anyone is facing harassment for feeding street animals, they should file an FIR, it’s their right. If the local police refuse to take action, one can escalate to FIAPO or People For Animals.

Community Partnerships help reduce human/street dog conflict, monitors street dog health, and encourages adoptions.

Meet Surbhi and Sarthak Dogra

Surbhi and Sarthak, headed by their mom, decided to feed and care for dogs in their area and have continued to expand their work. They also help find homes for street dogs, and are our social media team at DAR. 

Feeding Leads to Successful Adoptions

When Sarthak, Surbhi and their team of feeders find dogs in need of care, they immediately bring them to DAR. For Citi, who they found in a ditch after she must have been hit by a car was given a second chance at life. Without We Help the Strays finding her, she would have died. Today, she is living the life in the USA. 

Daily Feedings lead to the human street dog bond.

Feeders are out in the streets daily, showing the neglected street dogs that we can all get along.

Dharamsala Animal Rescue relies solely on donations for our work

Thank you so much for caring for our animals and people.

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