Feed a Shelter Dog

Give love today

Feed a Shelter Dog

Give Love Today

Give the gift of food!

Have you always wanted to help rescue animals in need, make a difference but never knew how? We can help you make that happen! If you’re a dog lover (duh!), you know food is literally their love language. Feed them once… and you’ll have a loyal friend for life. How does feeding 50 dogs at once sound? Too good to be true, right?

It costs $1200 or ₹97,500 to cover food costs for 50 dogs per day for the 28 days of February. Each dog at DAR receives 2 nutritious meals per day, (a mix of mutton, chicken, chicken broth, rice and kibble) extra feeding for the truly needy, and unlimited treats!

$40 or ₹3250 will warm the bellies of 50 dogs  –  And when you donate for 1 day, we will give you a shout out in our Insta stories. 

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Can’t donate to feed all 50 dogs? No problem, any amount helps!

For as little as $1 or ₹65 you can provide a full day of food for 1 dog at our shelter. 

Want to donate in GBP? Click Here.  Want to donate in AUS $? Click Here. 

There are countless reasons why feeding homeless shelter dogs feels so rewarding:

  • It’s crucial to provide nutritional meals for dogs with shattered bones, illnesses, or deep wounds for them to recover. 
  • Dogs caught for spay/neuter surgery need full bellies to regain their strength after surgeries. 
  • Our 20 resident dogs deserve the best. Most will never be adopted so DAR is the only home they will ever have. 
  • Doing good feels good. 

Dogs like Pippa arrive at DAR in such a sad state. Like many homeless street dogs, she was malnourished and had received no medical care since birth. Only you can help her receive the nutrition needed for a fighting chance of survival.

Open Your Hearts And Give the Gift of Food



Or donate what you can. Every little bit helps fill up bellies!