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Your monthly donation provides us with continuous and reliable funding for our clinic. It allows us to continue to help dogs like Nella who came in with a deep wound due to an encounter with barbed wire.

Only you can stop the suffering

Each month, our team provides emergency services for more than 50 injured animals and sterilizes over 80 dogs to help control the street dog population. In addition to sterilization, DAR vaccinates street dogs against rabies, a deadly disease that kills nearly 40,000 Indians each year, many of them young children.

Only you can prevent more deaths

Your ongoing contributions enable us to sustain our programs over time, helping to ensure that we are serving the street dogs and people of Dharamsala.

What can your contribution do? 
$500 covers a veterinarian salary for one month
$250 feeds 15 dogs for one month
$100 can take a hit and run victim from rescue to recovery
$50 covers life-saving treatments
$35 cover the cost of a spay
$25 covers the cost neuter
$10 provides full vaccination

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The only way we never have to say to a a rescue is call is by having the security of monthly donations.