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We are only accepting applications for Canada, but flights from India to Canada are suspended until August 21st.

Oreo Finds a Forever Home

Oreo travelled from Dharamsala to Montréal where she met up with her adopter.

Getting an adoptee to their Forever Home isn’t always an easy task and Oreo’s was even more involved because once she landed in Canada we still needed to get her from Toronto to Montreal, over 500 km (336 miles). We were connected to Critter Cabs, an amazing network of volunteers who transport rescues across Canada.

We wanted to share this journey to demonstrate the lengths we go through to ensure that our most vulnerable rescues find a safe and happy home. Over a dozen people helped Oreo make it safely to her Forever Home.

Desi dogs are finding loving homes in the West







The photos above show some of the lucky pups among the numerous strays, or desi dogs, as Indian breeds are known, from DAR who have found loving homes across international borders. Their owners have fallen in love with their Indian dogs and are thankful of how intelligent and loving companion dog they have rescued. None of these dogs could have found homes in India. Most are missing legs, or even an eye, or are females.

Desi dogs are extremely intelligent and quick learners – if they weren’t they wouldn’t survive on the streets! They are very agile and have great potential to excel at dog sports such as agility or canicross. Desi dogs also make great running companions. While an active outdoor companion dog, they are very calm and quiet indoors.

These dogs are known to have a calm and gentle demeanor around them. They bond strongly with their people and make an excellent family pet that is very loving, loyal and intelligent.

Dogs are fully vet checked and healthy before they are airlifted. They have all their vaccinations, deworming, flea/tic control, and health certification.

Contact us for an adoption form and for additional information. (CANADA ONLY) Airlift costs work out to $1300 to $3,400 (price increase due to Covid) for a dog, depending of the size and if we can find a flight volunteer. It can seem expensive, but not only you will get a unique and healthy dog, sterilized and vaccinated, but you will give a dog a complete new life and give us the chance to save another one.

You can see  the dogs we have up for adoption here. 

Desi dogs are gaining popularity and have been adopted by homes all over the world!

Take a look at this video to see our newest dog available for adoption: Scottie

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If you’re not ready to adopt, please consider sponsoring one of our Desi dogs. Sponsorship is a great way to feel connected to our dogs. ≫ Learn more about Sponsorship

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