Adopt a Desi Dog

You Won't Regret It

Desi Dogs are native local dogs that make incredible pets. 

AND – The absolute best dog for an Indian home. Also referred to as pariah dogs, mixed breed, mutt or an indie dog, almost interchangeably.  The most common dog breed found in India, they got their name during the pre-independence British era.

Desi dogs are highly intelligent, amicable, loyal, loving and street smart! Their immunity is much better than a pure bred due to no genetic issues and their coats are fit for Indian climates. Read more reasons why you should adopt desi here!

Not convinced? Well Randeep Hooda, Madhuri Dixit, Diana Penty ,and John Abraham think locals dogs are the best!

If you live in the Kangra District of H.P. and are interested in adopting a dog, please call 98828 58631 Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 5pm to set up an appointment to meet them and fill out an application.

If you are in Canada or in the US and want to adopt, please see application below. 

Browse our available pets below! 

adopt a desi dog


Sex: Male

Estimated Age:  5.5 Years  – Neutered

dogs for adoption


Sex: Male – Neutered

Estimated Age: 5 Years

senior dog needing home


Sex: Female

Estimated Age:  7.5 Years  – Spayed

adopt a dog


Sex: Male

Estimated Age:  1.7  Years  – Neutered

adopt a dog


Sex: Male

Estimated Age:  1 year  – Neutered

Adopt a rescue dog<br />


Sex: Female

Estimated Age:  8 Months  – Spay


The requirements asked by the authorities to make dogs travel internationally are more restrictive since 2020. However, it is still possible to adopt one of our dogs from Canada or the United States. Our experienced team guides adopters through the entire process.


If you are interested in one of our dogs, please fill out the form and our team will be happy to contact you and answer your questions.