Adopt Scottie

If you live in the Kangra District of H.P. and are interested in adopting Scottie, please call 98828 58631 Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 5pm to set up an appointment to meet him and fill out an application.

If you are in Canada or in the US and want to adopt, please see application below. 

Scottie came to us as a little puppy who had been hit by car. Both of his hind legs were damaged severely and one leg required an amputation.  The other leg had a large wound that healed but took over a year to regain strength. He has been living with us since 2016.

Scottie is one big love bug. He has an unbreakable spirit and soft heart and an adorable face to match. He loves playing, running, and loves to jump into the river! If cuddling a fluffy mountain dog is your thing, then he is for you!