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Dharamsala Animal Rescue relies solely on donations for our work. Thank you so much for caring for our animals and people.

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As a sponsor, you get two updates a year. You can also sponsor a dog for someone else. A great gift for any dog-loving friend!

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We welcome volunteers from around the world. We appreciate your interest in supporting the animals we serve.

Your donations help us run important projects

Animal Birth Control/Anti-Rabies

DAR has implemented a humane and effective program for creating a healthy sustained population of stray dogs which directly impacts community health.


Why are you are looking for a pure bred, when DAR pets come vaccinated, neutered and ready to love FOR FREE.
Why would you go anywhere else?

Street Animal Rescue

For animals in critical condition, they are treated at our clinic and heal at our recovery center. Car accidents, wire traps, and skin diseases are the main issues we see daily.

Humane Education

We visit schools and villages to educate them about rabies and compassion towards animals. The goal is to have the community as our partner in caring for the street animals of Dharamsala.

Dharamsala Animal Resue

Street Animal Feeding

We feed street dogs in need and support local street animal feeders. The program helps eliminate the human/street dog conflict and allows for easier catching, and monitoring animal health.

We welcome local and international adoptions

Local Adoption

Abandoned pets and stray dogs do not ask for much. All they need is another chance. DAR pets come vaccinated, neutered and ready to love FOR FREE. Why would you go anywhere else? Adopt today, gain a beautiful soul forever.

International Adoption

Abused or neglected on Indian streets, Desi dogs are finding loving homes in the West! These dogs are known to have a calm and gentle demeanor around them. They bond strongly with their people and make an excellent family pet that is very loving, loyal and intelligent.

Our mission is to end the human/street dog conflict by creating a humane and sustainable environment for animals with direct benefits to the people of Dharamsala, India.

We provide several key programs to achieve our goals: spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, rescue and adoption, and community education for rabies safety and compassion. 

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Our motto is simple…Live. Love. Bark.

Meet Deb

After years of working in the corporate world, Deb decided it was time to utilize her experience in a different capacity; one that truly touched her heart. With a long time love of travel to foreign countries she set her sights on a volunteer trip to India Deemed the “accidental philanthropist” by a friend, Deb believes it all happened on purpose