Animal welfare is the well-being of animals and the positive relationship people have with them.

Promoting positive welfare can promote compassion and make people better. It’s a responsibility to make sure animals live the life they deserve—positive and cruel-free.

According to The Animal Law Firm, animal welfare is important because there are a lot of animals all over the world that are being abused and mistreated. It’s important to do your part in changing the way people treat animals by being an advocate. Here are some ways you can make a difference:

1. Volunteer

If you can’t donate to animal shelters, you can always visit one and offer a helping hand. Volunteers who work at animal shelters can have different duties such as cleaning the shelters, feeding the animals, rehabilitating traumatized animals, and dog walking. Volunteering at your local animal rescue organizations and animal shelters can make a big difference, especially for the lives of the animals.

It can be traumatizing for the animals to be kept in a shelter and not know what lies ahead for them. By showing that you’re there for them, and showing love and affection, you can make a whole lot of difference in their lives.

2. Donate

Animal charities, rescue organizations, and shelters can always accept your donations. Most shelters run on tight budgets, and donations can make a big difference. These don’t always have to be monetary; you can consider giving essentials such as pet food, carriers, bedding, or even toys. Simply ask them what they need or check their social media or website. With hundreds of animals that are in a shelter, a lot of welfare organizations fall short on providing basic amenities to the animals. Your donations will surely go a long way for the shelter and the animals.

3. Foster

Opening your home to fosters can be very helpful not only to shelters, but to the animal itself. Fostering is taking in a pet and offering your home for the meantime until the animal finds a home. By fostering, you’ll be able to help the animal adjust to a home and fully express their true personality, making it prepared for when they get adopted.

There are several reasons why an animal needs fostering such as when they’ve recently been rescued, when recovering from an illness, or  when they haven’t lived in a house. Fostering can help increase the chances of the animal getting adopted.

4. Adopt

If you’re thinking about getting a new pet, you might want to consider adopting from your local shelter. By choosing to adopt, you’ll be able to save an animal’s life by making them a special part of your family. It can also open up space in the shelter for other animals who might need it. Reading up about the Dos and Don’ts is a must before you go ahead to prevent returns, which can be even worse for the animal.

One of the most important reasons why you should consider adopting is to help fight against careless and abusive breeders. Pet mills are breeding facilities that consider profit above the welfare of the animals. Animals who come from pet mills are kept in poor conditions without proper veterinary care.

Pet mills continue operating as long as people are choosing to buy their pets rather than adopting. By going with adoption, you’ll be able to save your rescued pet and the lives of many more animals.

5. Educate

Animal welfare awareness promotes positive knowledge, understanding, and attitude toward animals. Educating people about animal welfare and cases of animal violence can go a long way. It can teach people how to take care of animals and be more compassionate towards them. Promoting positive conditions can help them live better lives and save them from abuse and maltreatment.

There are many resources for you to educate people about animal welfare. You can start within your family by educating them about the importance of having compassion towards animals and how to practice it. You can also post and share articles and content about animal welfare. No matter how big or small, every step you take for animal welfare can help save their lives.

6. Advocate

Your support for animal welfare is important. By being an advocate, you can help give the animals a voice. There are several ways to be an animal welfare advocate. For example, you could help boycott companies that conduct experiments on animals and shops that promote pet mills. You can also join campaigns that help and sponsor animal shelters and rescue organizations, as well as vote for the passage of bills that benefit animals and defeat bills that may bring harm to animals.


Fighting for the rights and welfare of animals is never easy. It takes a lot of effort to raise your voice for their better treatment. Making small efforts such as advocating, teaching, and the like can lead to big outcomes and the betterment of animal welfare standards.


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About the author

Henry Cal is a long-time animal welfare advocate. His company has been helping animals for 10 years now. He spends most of his days helping out in animal shelters and checking abandoned animals. Henry also shares his experiences and knowledge on animal care and welfare through various seminars and webinars.