Did you know puppy snuggling was a job? 

We just found out that the Tampa Bay Humane Society is looking for volunteers who can offer an hour or two a day of puppy snuggling and we wanted to spread the word. 

Shelters are busy places: vet teams are diagnosing and treating, admins are dealing with accounts. This leaves a big hole in the emotional recovery of the shelter patients and residents. 

puppies snuggling

Two Puppies Needing Snuggling


“Nothing happy brings animal through our doors,” says Liz McCoy of theTampa Bay Humane Society, making volunteers crucial.

Dogs that are recovering from surgery, puppies hoping to get adopted, and old dogs just needing love are all craving human attention. Students on break from school, retirees, and people in between jobs all make great volunteers for this work. One would think that rescues have lines out the door for “puppy snuggling” but it could not be further from the truth. You can’t adopt every dog, but you can help make a dog’s life better by giving your time and love. 

We encourage everyone to reach out to their local shelter and see if you can volunteer to help! If you live in Dharamsala and can volunteer a few hours a week for some snuggling please contact us and put “Puppy Snuggling” in the subject line. 

Still have questions? Watch the video to see just how much fun these job can be: 


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Deb Jarrett

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