Dharamsala Animal Rescue has 4 Main Projects:

  •  ABC/AR (Animal Birth Control/Anti-Rabies)
  • Mobile Clinic
  •  Street Animal Rescue
  • Humane Education



  • India has the highest numbers of stray dogs in the world at an approximated 35 million.
  • India also has the highest amount of human deaths by rabies. 95% of the time this is the result of a dog bite.
  • The majority of the time, deaths are among impoverished children.

ABC/AR Project


DAR has implemented a humane and effective program for creating a healthy sustained population of stray dogs which directly impacts community health. To learn more click here.Click to Learn More

Mobile Clinic Project

Sanjay with Jacamo on Mobile clinic

This program provides aid for animals who need non critical care. Animals are treated in the community they live. Decreasing their stress and involving the people who live nearby.

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Street Animal Rescue

Sheru Bandaged

For animals in critical condition, they are treated at our clinic and heal at our recovery center. Car accidents, wire traps, and skin diseases are the main issues we see daily.

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Humane Education


We visit schools and villages to teach educate about rabies and compassion towards animals. The goal is to have the community as our partner in caring for the street animals of Dharamsala. Click Here to Learn More