Most people prefer smaller dogs because they are just way too cute! For some, they prefer larger breeds. 

Ask any lovers of the larger breeds and they’ll say you won’t find another pet that’s more loyal and intelligent. Having these big and powerful canines in your life provides a one-of-a-kind experience. If you’re still not convinced as to why you should adopt a big dog, maybe the following reasons will help persuade you. 

  • Keep You Safe

One of the best benefits of having a big dog in the family is that they can keep you safe whether at home or walking on the street. For example, if someone attempts to come near your house, your large canine will immediately start barking and defending their home, which is a great deterrent against thieves and strangers. This can give you a sense of security as a parent knowing that your family is safe. 

The same can also be said when walking your dog for their daily exercise in a park or on a street. If you have a big canine on your side, no stranger will carelessly go near you. As a result, you’ll feel safer and more protected when going out. Just make sure that you get a leash from and hold it tightly so your dog won’t run away. 

  • Barks Less

This is probably one of the shocking facts that you didn’t know before about large dog breeds. Big canines don’t bark nearly as much as smaller breeds do. 

Unlike smaller breeds which tend to be more vocal whenever they feel or need something, large dogs will only bark in certain situations such as being alert, when they feel anxious or needs attention. You can rest assured that many large dog breeds prefer to stay quiet while inside the house.

Contrary to what most people think, big dogs are actually calm in the home. Just ensure that you’ve given them enough time to exercise daily. Despite their size, these massive pets can also adapt to smaller living environments like an apartment. 

  • Gentle

Another benefit of adopting a big dog is that they are very gentle. They’re also not as fragile as their smaller counterparts and can take more physicality without inflicting any harm on others. They’re the perfect playmate for your children at home. They also don’t make a lot of mess like smaller breeds often do. 

Bigger dogs are more emotionally stable, well-behaved, and child-friendly than smaller breeds. They have higher tolerance against rougher play. So, you don’t have to worry about holding back whenever you play with them.  

large dog

Cute little girl posing against a big dog

  • Very Athletic

All dogs large or small, require daily exercise. But some breeds are born to run and play. If you lead an active lifestyle, then you should choose larger dogs who also have that same enthusiasm for exercise and physical activities. This also gives you a quick way in establishing a strong bond between you and your canine early on. 

Bigger dogs are perfect for outdoor activities. You can have them by your side whenever you go hiking or trekking. Walking trails, camping out in the wilds, or climbing peaks together with your big pet dog can make for a memorable and enjoyable experience for both of you. 

Just make sure that you get all the gears and safety accessories for your big dog from Neewa Dogs to prepare them for your next adventure and to keep them safe.

  • Smart & Easier To Train

Regardless of the breed you pick, proper training is crucial for their safety and your family. Most large breeds are incredibly smart and quite easy to train because they’re so eager to please their owners. 

Since they are bigger in size, they also have larger brains which makes them smarter and easier to train than smaller breeds. They also have a better memory. Unlike smaller pups who prefer to play more, bigger dogs actually enjoy learning more. 

Just make sure that you start training them as early as possible. It’s best to train them when they aren’t so big yet. Once you properly trained them, they’ll have better manners and are more friendly to people. 

Final Thoughts

As with all types of dogs, you need to do your homework on the breed especially if you’re interested in adopting a large canine. You need to make sure that the breed you choose will suit your lifestyle. With a large dog also comes with more responsibilities, so make sure that the dog you choose suits you. 

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About the author

Catherine Gupta is a dog trainer and enthusiast. She runs an animal rescue for dogs and trains them before their adoption. She is also a furparent herself, taking care of six rescues at home.