At Dharamsala Animal Rescue, we meet so many animals that defy all odds.

We see scared, shivering dogs, who turn into furry love bugs. We see animals broken into pieces from car accidents who still wag their tails as we scoop them up off the ground.

And just last week, we met Ray Charles the pup, or Charlie for short. A kind couple found him on the street, all by himself, no mom or siblings. They thought he was so cute they took him home, but then realized his eyes looked a bit funny

Not sure what to do, as veterinary care does not exist in their town, they found DAR on the internet, hopped in a car, drove two hours, and brought him to us.

Out vet team did an assessment and gave him the initial diagnosis of “microphthalmia.” This is a condition in which one or both eyes are abnormally small, usually due to underdevelopment of the eyes in the mother’s womb. We believe that Charlie was born with this condition and there is no cure.

Microphthalmia causes blindness or at the least causes severe visual impairment. At DAR, we do not have the proper equipment to test to see if he is completely blind or not, but one thing we do know for sure, is that his condition does not slow him down in the least. We are planning on taking him to Palumpur Vet College where they have the proper equipment to test to see if he has any vision.

Unfortunately, it will be hard to find a home for him here in India, so we are hoping that someone living in the United States or Canada will open their hearts and homes to provide a forever home for Charlie.

He loves to run, play, and knows you have a treat in your hand from a mile away! He also loves to listen to the birds chirping, the river running, and feel the breeze on his face. He also loves a good cuddle session. Please take a look at our International Adoption information if you are interested to learn more. 

Please watch his video and send any questions to with “Charlie” in the subject line. We know you will fall as much in love with him as we have. 

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Deb Jarrett

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