Dear DAR friends and staff!
Do you remember me? I was a volunteer at DAR in last April, and I had the most beautiful time with you and the dogs!

And do you remember Chizo? She was a tiny little abandoned puppy and she was brought to DAR when I was there. You all insisted that I take her back in Canada because she was really in a bad shape and she desperately needed a family. Me and my soft heart… I couldn’t say no! And it’s a decision I’ll never regret!

Chizo is doing so much better now. She is the queen of our home, surrounded by cats, our older dog and neighborhood children.
She has a life she couldn’t imagine when she was living in the streets. She never misses food or water, she is preventively treated each month for parasites, she sees a doctor every time she needs it, and she never fears for her security… all simple things that stray dogs can never hope for.
On top of that, she has several toys all around the house, she has a garden where she is allowed to make holes ;-), she plays all the time with her new BFF on our bed (yeah they think the bed is a play park…;-) ) and she eats bones all day long! What a princess life, hey?

Now Chizo and me have a big dream: We would like the other dogs at DAR to have a second chance like her! Some of the adults are there since more then 4 years, can you imagine? They need to learn what is life outside a shelter…

See how gorgeous are all  here! 

Chizo as brought so much joy and love in our home, we are eternally thankful for having her in our life.

You know what everyone at the dog park here in Montréal is asking me, “What kind of dog is that?”
We are so proud to answer “It’s a really special breed: Indian Pariah. One of the oldest dog breed originating from the Indian sub-continent. She came from far away to save us.” 😊

Keep up the good work my friends, and keep supporting DAR.
Yours sincerely,

PS: Look how easy it is to fall in love with a DAR dog!

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