Is it that they are all good lookin’?

Is it that the pups and the jaguar are all at Dharamsala Animal Rescue? How about, that they all have been rescued off the streets of Dharamsala…

While, some of the above may be true, none are the correct answer. So what’s the connection? Well, all of these pups took a ride in DAR’s jeep—affectionately known as “The Jaguar.”

The Jaguar is actually one of our most crucial players. She may not be quite as pretty and sleek as a real Jaguar (car), but we do treat her like gold. She goes out two to four times a week to catch and carry street dogs to our clinic who need to be sterilized and vaccinated. She keeps them safe inside her cabin.

She also goes out on emergency calls several times a week. She gives some comfort to the animals that have just been hit by cars, are suffering from disease, and she cozies dumped pups like the mom they no longer have.

We wash her many times a week; get her painted when needed. Fix the many bumps and bruises she acquires traveling on the twisty gnarly mountain roads of Dharamsala.


We have had her since 2012—she is almost 6 years old—and is now she claims she is in need of a facelift. We told her she did not have to be so vain, but now we realize she is not whining without cause.

The JaguarThe floor bed of her cabin will literally fall out if we do not fix her. There is rust everywhere. She will no longer be able to hold our babies safely from the street to the shelter.

The Jaguar needs your help. Her facelift will cost $750 (RS 45,000). Can you help return her to her former glory?


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About the author

Deb Jarrett

Deb Jarrett

Founder/Executive Director Dharamsala Animal Rescue

Deb Jarrett, at age 40, decided her life needed some shaking up. In fact, she needed to rattle her brains a bit. She was done climbing the corporate ladder, paying mortgages and internet dating—so she quit her job and moved to India to help animals. Not to be confused with Elizabeth Gilbert, at this point in her life, Deb had done just about all of the self discovery she so desired on therapist couches, yoga retreats, and spiritual workshops. In fact, she Eats very carefully, due to the risk of bacteria and parasites. She no longer Prays after experiencing the harsh reality of the developing world on a day-to-day basis and believes compassionate action is the answer. However, she did find Love with a younger Indian man. You can find more of her writing and learn about her work with animals on her website.