This article will list some of the weirdest emotional support animals. Continue reading to the end to learn about different emotional support animals that most people would find weird but are loving for their owners!

10 of the Weirdest Emotional Support Animals

While some of these animals may not fit the definition of an emotional support animal in the traditional sense, people can find comfort in the companionship of different animals. Without further ado, here are the ten of the weirdest ESAs.


Chickens are more common than you might think as emotional support animals. With many households having backyard chickens, people get attached to their fowls. Since any animal an individual is allowed to have can be an ESA, chickens are not only one of the weirdest but also a popular one that found a place in our list.


These hardy animals are more suited to work for many but donkeys are actually very intelligent and loving animals. The calm nature of donkeys makes them good pets and some are even employed as therapy animals.


Emotional support ducks are nothing new and have been around for centuries. Thousands of people throughout history kept ducks for pest control and to look at their cute faces to uplift their moods! Having a duck as your ESA might seem weird, but many coexist with ducks happily.


This one is really weird, though not an option for everyone – not just because a kangaroo might punch you in the face, but because they are illegal to keep in most states. However, you can keep one without a permit if you’re in South Carolina, West Virginia, or Wisconsin.


Llamas spit. It’s a well-known fact, but not much is talked about how affectionate and loving they are. Llamas are gentle creatures that thrive on human companionship once one gets used to it. They may ultimately be weird, but they make great emotional support animals.


Peacocks aren’t the most affectionate animals. In fact, they will only tolerate a human’s touch, not cherish it. Still, some choose these majestic birds to be their emotional support animal. When tamed properly, they can make a fitting addition to families living on a farm.


Before chickens and ducks, humans had pigeons. However, deciding whether being the first domesticated bird makes you a good emotional support animal is up to you. However, it definitely deserves a spot in our weirdest ESAs list.


Pigs are yet another one of those unusual emotional support animals. While many find them weird animals to have as ESAs, countless people have pigs as their emotional support animals. Actually, miniature pigs are one of the most common ESA types.


The birds finding their way to the weirdest ESAs list don’t seem to end, whether small or big, but we promise this is the last one. People actually have turkeys as their emotional support animals – and no, they don’t keep them until Thanksgiving.


Most people choose an animal that’s either furry or feathery as their emotional support animal, while others go with turtles. Surprisingly, both aquatic and land turtles are quite common as emotional support animals.

All ESAs Are Unique

While we’ve labeled these emotional support animals weird, there’s a unique love that every animal can provide. In some animals, you can see their appreciation and love from their eyes, while in others, you’ll be lucky to get a reaction. Regardless, it’s all about how the person feels with their emotional support animal.

If you qualify for an emotional support animal and think that one that is out of the ordinary will provide you comfort, you’ll find many weird ESAs to choose from, as we listed many of them in our article.

Since some of these animals can be difficult to believe as emotional support animals, you might want to consider ESA registration. It can help you prove the status of your emotional support animal without the need to carry an ESA letter. You can simply use the registration papers whenever needed, or the ID with your ESA’s picture in the case of USServiceAnimals.

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