Raison, your modern Vedic astrologer and numerologist based in Sydney, seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with contemporary insights. With over 15 years of expertise spanning various branches of Vedic astrology, Raison is uniquely equipped to offer precise predictions tailored to your birth details. His background in computer engineering and an MBA in information technology enables him to fuse modern data analytics with sacred Vedic texts, providing unparalleled clarity and insight into your life. Raison’s primary goal is to empower you with spiritual knowledge about the energies surrounding us, whether you seek guidance on marriage, career, relationships, wealth, or simply wish to explore what lies ahead.

As a passionate advocate for animals, Raison is offering 30-minute consultations to those who donate $108 or more to Dharamshala Animal Rescue this month. Trust Raison to be your guide as you navigate life’s journey with confidence and purpose. Donate below to schedule your reading!

Once you have donated, please email your receipt to deb@darescue.org. Thank you!