I am feline… therefore… divine
Elegant and graceful… demur and tasteful

Not a pet… but a king, not a cat… but a queen
To think anything but this… is purely obscene

A companion to emperors, to pharaohs… and kings
I’m an addition to those who like beautiful things

I am complex and quiet… pensive and aloof
Whether asleep in the basement… or perched high on the roof

With a purposeful prowl… I inspect my enclave
Ferocious in instinct… and daringly brave

A natural born killer… the seeker of prey
A nimble assassin… seeking victims to slay

Whether a meal or a present… my actions are swift
Appreciate my kind gesture… when I bring you this gift!

If I could speak on the matter… I’d proclaim a clause
That I’m the only one to reside here… who walks on four paws

But… as I look at the dog… I must surely confess
That he looks like he is a work in progress!

That mutt settles for less… while I strive to be more
As I lounge on the bed… he licks his food off the floor… (he disgusts me!!)

I am not temperamental… I don’t like to be mauled
I will attend in my own time… not come running when I’m called

Not here to be owned… but worshipped and served
It’s the rule of my tenure… for my place is reserved

Curled up by the window… soaking up the sun’s rays
Absorbing all… expending little, is the rule of my days

The curator of curiosity… of inaccessible spaces
Contort, compress, reside and rest, in the strangest of places

So regardless of breed… or individual need, my existence is purely divine
Above all supreme… more than a sentient being, for I am uniquely feline!


Author: Michael Major

Images: Libreshot

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About the author

Michael Major

Michael Major

Michael Major is a social conscience poet and author of Kafka for Our Time – Journeys of discovery. He lives in the UK with his dog Kira.