My name is Shira Plotzker, and I have been giving insight to people and bringing in messages from the other side for several years.

One day, while I was watching a pet communicator named Sonya Fitzpatrick on TV and she was talking to a dog, I realized that I also understood what the dog was trying to communicate. I’ve been working as a pet communicator ever since. Here are two stories from my experiences.  Please enjoy.

Kaiser’s Story


One day, a woman called me and told me that her dog, Kaiser, had taken a cooked turkey off the kitchen counter. This is Kaiser’s version of what happened:

“Grandma had just finished cooking a turkey and she put it on the counter to rest. I kept on eyeing the bird. I saw the turkey leg sticking out of the tin foil and I thought I could get the leg. I looked to make sure that no one was watching me, then I got up on the counter and I got a hold of the leg! It was only then I realized the leg was still attached to the rest of the turkey. I jumped down and ran as fast as I could out the back door. I ate the turkey on the lawn. It was delicious!”

The woman told me that her mother had put the turkey at the back of the counter so that Kaiser could not get it.

Kaiser told me: “Grandma couldn’t understand how I got a hold of the turkey when she had put it all the way at the back of the counter. Well, if I stand on my hind legs, on my tippy, tippy toes and put my nose all the way in, I can touch the back of the counter.

“Grandma also said that after the turkey had been in my mouth and on the lawn, she was not going to serve it to the family. So, she cut it up and I had it for lunch the next day!”

Kaiser also told me that he had taken cornbread off the stove. His owner confirmed that this was true. Kaiser said that he saw the cornbread and he knocked the pan off the stove and onto the floor. And he proceeded to eat it out of the pan. Kaiser wanted to know if next time Grandma could cut the cornbread in squares. This way, it would be easier to get out of the pan.

Shira with some of her clients

Suze’s Story


A woman called me from South Carolina. She told me that her dog, Suze, had gotten out of the house and run away. She was desperate to find her. So, I asked Suze where she was.

Suze asked me, “Is the woman going to keep me?” Unfortunately, that wasn’t the arrangement. The woman told me that she was fostering Suze and they could not keep her because she already had eight pets.

Suze wasn’t having that. She told me that if the woman wasn’t going to keep her, she would not tell me where she was, so I let the woman know. She reconsidered and told me that she would, in fact, adopt Suze.

When I told Suze that the woman would keep her, she told me that she was at “the school by the park.” The woman called me later and told me that she went to the school by the park, opened the car door and Suze jumped right into the car!

Words: Shira Plotzker

Image: Matheus Bertelli

Editing: Sharnon Mentor-King


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About the author

Shira Plotzker

Shira Plotzker


Shira is a psychic reader, psychic medium, and pet communicator who currently resides in Nyack, New York.As a pet communicator, Shira is able to talk to pets―both living and those who have passed.  She has been featured in the New York Times,, and on Celebrity Catwalk for her pet communication skills. Shira is able to communicate with pets and can let them know what their owners would like to tell them. Shira can help with pet behavioral issues with pets and is able to intuit information regarding pets’ health. She has been known to locate lost and missing pets. Shira is also available for many charitable pet and animal events, and welcomes non-believers and skeptics. People have said that a session with Shira has changed their lives. Visit her website and Facebook pages Shira Psychic and Shira’s Place for more information.

Please note:  Shira’s advice is not a substitute for good veterinarian care