Wow, 2021 went by fast and here we are again searching for the perfect gift for that dog lover in our lives!

Did you notice? The Dharma Dog shop expanded in 2021 and the swag got cooler and cooler. Cute yoga gear, phone accessories and doggie merch to spoil your little furry — we’ve got it all. And you know the best part is not even that you get the best gifts for your dog lover bestie, but that you’re giving street dogs in India the best gifts they can receive. The support you show by buying from the Dharma Shop allows DAR to keep on doing the work to help protect and care for India street canines through these difficult times.

Now here comes the fun part. Check out our 2021 picks for the pawsitively best pressies your doggie-loving heart could desire:

Dharma Dog Yoga Mat

Isn’t a yoga mat just the best holiday gift? We all want to get the new year off to a healthy start and what better way to do that than to hop on a Dharma Dog Yoga Mat. As many of you know, DAR is based in Dharamsala in Northern India and our Dharma Dog products are inspired by the dogs (of course) and their Indian yogic heritage. The colorful meditating dog is just what you want to see when you unroll your mat for morning practice, reminding you that your yoga practice exists off the mat too, by helping street dogs.

Anatomy of a Rescue Dog’s Heart Dog Bed

Let’s not forget about the pups! Also new to our shop this year is a range of comfy dog beds so there’s no need for your furry to feel left out this year. The Anatomy of a Rescue Dog’s Heart design beautifully represents the chambers of a dog’s heart who has found their forever home. Montreal artist Sandra Dumais donated the design to DAR, after having adopted her own rescue dog from our shelter. This fleecy bed is the perfect place for your doggo to cozy up and dream the night away while you gaze on, heart melting with love.

Suraj Rescue Respect Repeat Phone Case

We just couldn’t do a holiday gift guide without Suraj. He’s just too awesome. Sadly, the real Suraj left us this year but his legacy lives on and he’s done some stellar work for DAR and his fellow street dogs. All profits from the Rescue Respect Repeat range go directly to the Street Animal Rescue program. Eleven year old Flora Dumais made Suraj immortal though her super cool illustration which, hurrah (!), you can carry around with you on your phone. Make Suraj proud and gift the perfect stocking filler this holiday season!

Crop Hoodies

Gotta love a crop hoodie and your dog-lover girlfriend will definitely thank you for this one — cute colors, super soft and of course, the cherry on top is that it benefits DAR dogs. You can choose the design you think she’d love — it comes in three of our popular prints. Why not team it with another of our new additions this year, our yoga leggings for the full relaxed Saturday morning combo!

Dharma Dog Infant Tee

Let’s not forget the mini humans! It can be hard to find original gifts for kids at Christmas and what better way to start a conversation with them about animal care than with a Dharma Dog infant tee. The bright colors on this tee are super for children and little ones just love the idea of helping animals in need. Although, if the kids start nagging the parents for a dog right away, run fast!!! “It wasn’t my idea”!!

It’s a wrap! Holiday gifts that come from the heart are simply the best and we continue to appreciate all the support our Dharma Dog customers show us. We cannot continue the work we do without your kindness and considerate purchasing behind us. From our heart to yours, we wish you a fun-filled holiday season 2021.

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