It’s Black Friday everyone and time to start shopping for your pooches…and.. your dog-loving friends!

We are excited to share our great gift options with you.

First, Funky Dog created a line of “Indian Dog Bow Ties.” 

The fabric come directly from Dharamsala, so they are authentic as they could be. Choose from 5 different styles and 4 different sizes. See our gorgeous models wearing the line above. (ships internationally) Proceeds go to DAR.


Second, our 2018 Calendar is at the printers— and we can get it to you before Christmas. 

This year, we are featuring Suraj, our mascot, for 12 months of cuteness overload. 

We can ship internationally and have two prices: 

If you live in India, click HERE to purchase.

If you live outside of India, click HERE to purchase. 

Proceeds for the calendar will all go directly to DAR. The designer, Kate Glover of Parallel Arts, donated her time to put together this calendar, and Sheila Sedgewick of Hotel Eagles Nest donated for the printing. 
We can’t thank them enough! 

Now don’t you want a DAR Calendar?


Third – Give the Gift of Sponsorship!

At DAR, we have dogs that have become our permanent residents (unless they luckily get adopted). 

These dogs cannot be put back on the street due to a disability left by a car accident, or a recurring condition that we need to keep an eye on. 

If you sponsor one of dogs, like Rambo photographed here, you will receive 4 emails per year: Welcome email, Valentine’s Day, Summer Update, and Happy New Year. 

An annual sponsorship is $100 or RS 6500 and can be given as a gift to your dog loving friends. Monthly options are also available. Click HERE to view our crew. 


Fourth – The DAR Wars Continue!

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Get your awesome rescue t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and accessories at Arm the Animals. With each purchase DAR gets 20%. 

Check out these awesome hats >>>>>>>>

(Not valid on Black Friday, November 24th.)
Ships internationally.

Have any questions? 

I know we have a lot of options this year and we could not be more excited—we could not have put this together without the help of our donors and these awesome companies who support our work! 

Happy shopping!

About the author

Deb Jarrett

Deb Jarrett

Founder/Executive Director at Dharamsala Animal Rescue

When I was about to turn 40, I decided I needed to do something that would really expand my horizons. My life was good, but something was missing. A feeling of making a true contribution on this planet was lacking deep down inside of me.

The need to fill that void led me to Dharamsala, India to spend several weeks volunteering at a preschool. Working with the children proved completely overwhelming, as did the chaotic culture of India. What truly got to me, however, was seeing an injured and bloody dog lying in the temple where the school was held, apparently left to die. It broke my heart to watch the dog suffer — and to see how little the local people seemed to care about his condition.

I was saddened by the reactions, and felt helpless. Incredibly, my path crossed with a local man who knew someone who could help. Miraculously, my actions and concern sparked a change. Today, I am happy to report the dog, Tommy, is healthy and cared for by this very village. Upon returning home to the USA, I knew I needed to do everything in my power to improve the lives of the street animals. I created Dharamsala Animal Rescue to raise awareness about the animals of Dharamsala and fund local projects.” – Deb Jarrett, Founder