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END RABIES NOW: Collaborate, Vaccinate

Dharamsala Animal Rescue has teamed up with Jesse Alk, the filmmaker of Pariah Dog for World Rabies Day 2020.

Pariah Dog has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes – Read the reviews

Register for the film viewing and Q&A on September 26, 2020 and your donation of $10 purchases the needed vaccines and supplies for our on the ground mass rabies vaccination camp in Dharamsala India. Our goal is to vaccinate 2000 street dogs and educate the community.

Why do we need to mass vaccinate street dogs in India?

India has an approximate 35 million dogs roaming the streets. India also has the highest incidence of human deaths by rabies in the world – with 36% of all deaths, equalling 20 to 30,000 people per year. The majority of the victims are impoverished children under age 12.

Currently, rabies is not a notifiable disease in India. Vaccination, dog population management, and education is left up to NGOs and the rare few who find a connection with these creatures.

What does that look like?

Pariah Dog gives us a view into this world. It is an award-winning creative documentary focusing on several eccentric street dog caretakers in Kolkata, India. Shot over three years, the film paints a kaleidoscopic picture of the city of Kolkata, seen through the prism of four outsiders and the dogs they love.


Event Details: Film Viewing and Q&A with the Filmmaker – Jesse Alk and Founder of Dharamsala Animal Rescue – Deb Jarrett

Registration: Donation: $10 (goes to vaccinate dogs in Dharamsala and support the film)

Date for Film Viewing: September 25/26 – You will be sent a link to view the film for a 24/hr time period

Date and Time for Q&A: September 26, 2020.

8pm EDT (Find time in your area)

During the Q&A, questions will be taken about the film as well as around rabies and dog population management in India.