A love poem for Ishtar the Cat, by David Black


I live in a flat

With a big fluffy cat

When I sleep in my bed

She sits on my head


This is the story of Ishtar the cat

She’s cuddly and furry

And she’s very fat

She has big eyes and a small button nose

And she leaves lots of fur

Wherever she goes


Ishtar is a mystery girl

She once was a stray 

But now she’s my world


The best thing in life

Is to have a good mate

We both love ice-cream and oysters

We both think they’re great!


Ishtar loves the morning sun

She rolls on her back

And it warms up her tum


Crouching low, through jungle she prowls

Eyes wide open, her mouth in a scowl

Who knows what dangers she must see?

It’s just the neighbour’s shrubbery!


She can spot a fly

From miles away

But when I put food in front of her

She can’t find the plate


She looks very cute with her tongue poking out

And then she gives a silent meow!

I don’t need to ask, I don’t need to hear

I just give her food

Saying, ‘Kitty, kitty, kitty… Here… here!’


Ishtar says, ‘I want meat!’

Then she starts to stamp her feet

When I go and get her some

She dances around and wiggles her bum


Ishtar is messy when she eats

She stomps in her plate and it gets on her feet

It’s all over her face and gets stuck in her fur

Then she rolls on her back and starts to purr


Ishtar likes to be outside

There she hunts and there she hides

When I have to call her home

She does what she wants and continues to roam


Ishtar licks and Ishtar purrs

She plays outside and gets covered in burrs

I try to groom her with a special brush

But she bites and scratches at the slightest touch


When Ishtar says, ‘Don’t do that!’

She gives a nip and then a snap

If you don’t stop at once

On your face she will jump!


Ishtar’s so cuddly, she can sleep anywhere

From hard bathroom tiles to a big comfy chair

She sleeps on her tummy and sleeps on her back

And sometimes all twisted like a big pretzel snack


Meowing hello, she makes a big din

Then hops on your lap

And head-butts your chin!

Then kneads with her paws

And very sharp claws

And sticks her bum in your face

Coz this is her place


Ishtar doesn’t like the vet

But she has to go for her annual check

She always behaves and the vets are all nice

But there’s also dogs of all shapes and types

Ishtar is so glad when we get back home


I’ve been with Ishtar for a great many years

With her big brown eyes and cute little ears

We know each other’s habits and know each other’s likes

And we never ever get into fights

She likes to dance and I like to sing

And we both love milk―because that is our thing


Ishtar got old

She started to hobble

Wherever she went

She walked with a wobble

Her coat become dull

Her eyes lost their shine

But I never stopped loving her

Because she is mine


One day an angel came from above

And said to Ishtar ‘It’s time to come home’

And now up in heaven

She runs and she plays

And sometimes you see her

On bright sunny days


So every time you look up at a cloud

You just might see her, checking you out

Look for the cat with the beautiful eyes

And cute little ears and a great big smile

For that might be Ishtar, and she can see you

So just give her a wave and she’ll wave back too


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About the author

David Black

David Black


David Black is an actor, producer, director, musician and cartoonist living in Melbourne, Australia. He is best known as the singer/bass player in the horror rock band Darkness Visible and the co-host of Horror House.

You can read more about David and his work on his site.