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Dharamsala Animal Rescue is aiming to end the human/street dog conflict that exists in India. 

Through our programs, we work to create a humane sustainable environment for animals with direct benefits to the people of Dharamsala:

  • ABC/AR (Animal Birth Control/Anti-Rabies)  for humane population control and to eradicate rabies.
  • Street Animal Rescue – for any small animal needing 24/7 care due to accidents, disease, cruelty, or abandonment.
  • Humane Education – Our school program, “Animal Buddies,” teaches young children how to be kind to stray dogs even if they are scared of them.
  • Street Animal Feeding – Feeders are a crucial part of our community work. The more humans out there feeding and being kind to street dogs, the easier it is for us to catch dogs for sterilization/vaccination/
  • Adoption – We encourage local adoption. View our educational video HERE. 

Since 2009, DAR has helped over 17,500 animals. We cannot do this critical work without the support of donors like you.