My best buddy has four paws and a tail

Moves like a lightning bolt, not a crawling snail

And if he sees a squirrel, he’ll blaze a trail

You’ve guessed it… he’s my dog!


He goes like the clappers for a ball or a stick

Can be bribed with a treat to perform any trick

And his unmentionables often gets a lick

You’ve guessed it… he’s my dog!


He’s always there when I’m feeling down

He takes no notice of my scowling frown

And is often sticking his nose in something brown

You’ve guessed it… he’s my dog!


When he cocks his leg something’s getting scented

Shout “Walkies, boy!” and he goes demented

And when he passes wind he is unrepented

You’ve guessed it… he’s my dog!


What he can’t eat today… he’ll bury for tomorrow

Destroys the house with no pretence of sorrow

And he’ll take what he wants… doesn’t ask to borrow

You’ve guessed it… he’s my dog!


Petrifying the postman is his primary aim

He has selective hearing when I call his name

When he humps in public… only I feel shame

You’ve guessed it…he’s my dog!


He does more exploring than Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Acquaints himself by sniffing the bottoms of other canines

And loves food and toys not poetic rhymes

You’ve guessed it… he’s my dog!


When he brings his toy he’s ready to play

He’ll spring into action any time of day

Whether pedigree or a mongrel stray

I love him coz… he’s my dog!


Though he’s despised by the cat he doesn’t bear a grudge

When he’s asleep on the sofa he will not budge

And of character he is a discerning judge

You’ve guessed it… he’s my dog!


But he’s my little buddy with a heart-melting face

He’s not judgemental… doesn’t see age nor race

And by my side… always has a place

You’ve guessed it… he’s my dog!


Words: Michael Major (England, UK) (Copyright)




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About the author

Michael Major

Michael Major

Michael Major is a social conscience poet and author of Kafka for Our Time – Journeys of discovery. He lives in the UK with his dog Kira.