For their next birthday!

Nowadays, no stone is left unturned to give children unforgettable birthdays – bounce houses, laser tag, contests, waterslides, you name it! Along with the fun is the accumulation of presents piled up in the playroom.  Presents your kids most likely have played with for a few minutes only to forget about them forever.

Why not sponsor a dog instead?

Most kids love animals. They are fascinated by them and want to learn more about them even if they are a little hesitant about getting close to them.  By sponsoring a dog in lieu of gifts for his/hers/their next birthday you eliminate the unneeded gifts and teach your child to give back.

Rescue Dog

How does it work?

  • Have your child pick a dog here: Sponsor a dog 
  • Fill out our contact form and tell us which dog your kid wants to sponsor
  • We will set up a webpage to fundraise, with your child’s pictures and information so you can share with your guests. (Here’s an example)
  • If you book early enough, we can provide small items for gift bags featuring the dog they are sponsoring (magnets, stickers).

Next – Watch your kids’ excitement as the donations come in!

Once the money is raised, we will send a Welcome letter to your email address, in your children’s name, welcoming them to the program. Then on Valentine’s Day and during the Indian monsoon season we will send you an email with a current photo and message from your sponsored dog.

By raising just $288 your child will be providing all of medical care, food, love, treats and walks needed for the dog they chose. And your child will get a penpal for a year. What could be better than that? Fill the contact form below to get started!

Teaching compassion at an early age is an investment in the future, it encourages the next generation to create caring communities that respect not only animals but also each other.

Sponsor a Dog for a Birthday

Rescue Dog