Want to go on a trip or relocate with your fur baby? If so, here’s how it could be more enjoyable.

As public transport is not built for pets, how the trip goes could depend on you. Everything depends on how well-planned you are and that will determine if you’re going to have a bad nightmare or a wonderful trip.

Below are some tips to travel with your pets:
Purchase A Crate

It’s normal for anyone to feel uncomfortable about imprisoning their fur baby. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has laid out some rules and guidelines which you have to keep follow. The rules are for your pet’s well-being, and are applicable to any kind of travel, be it by land or by air. IATA requires you to put your pet in an IATA-approved crate. The crate must have enough space to stand, lie down and turn easily.

It  should be well aerated, have soft edges, be made of a non-conductive material. The crate needs to be properly sealed while travelling so that it doesn’t open up during travel, otherwise your pet could escape and cause big problems. It also should be leak-proof,

Purchase the crate well in advance as it will allow your pet get used to it. If your pet gets familiar with it, then it will be less stressful on the day of your relocation. Apply a tag on the crate and mark it as “live animal”. List all of your pet’s details including name, owner, owner’s number, address, and flight itinerary information. Find more tips like this in our Moving Tips blog.

Go To The Vet

Health certificates and vaccinations details from your veterinarian are essential. Other needs might differ based on the transport you are using to travel. Hence, ensure that you complete all the paper work in good time.

Most carriers don’t allow animals to be tranquilized as it’s a huge risk to their health. Instead, try a natural pet calmer if the travel is likely to  disturb them.

Some pets face travel sickness. Prepare them for this by taking them for long-distance drives, which can help them get used to it. Whenever they feel motion sickness, offer them more water to get them hydrated, rather than feeding them food before the journey.

Train travel

Train travel isn’t trouble-free either as the Indian Railways have their own dog rules. But, traveling by train is a healthier and cheaper choice for pets. You can take different types of animals by train. If you are traveling in First Class, and if you register for both the 4th and 2nd berth seats, you will get an option of having your dog with you.

Dogs can also be carried in specially designed boxes. Unfortunately, if you don’t register for the full berth and anyone in that compartment objects to the dog, then your dog has to travel in the luggage car. Big dogs can’t travel in the compartments either —they would be need to travel in an individual car that is usually used for horses. This can be really hard, particularly because it is up to you to offer your dog food and water during the journey.

Reach Your Destination

Book a pet-friendly hotel and also inform them before your arrival. Resorts with lawns or beaches would be a better idea — it will provide your dog the freedom to roam around. Prepare your journey so that you and your pet and do not have to face any nasty surprises. You should have a back-up plan in case you have a problem.

Be calm and relaxed with your pet, specifically if it’s your first trip. During your journey, you will find that they be good companions, but it can get stressful if you encounter unforeseen difficulties. Hiring a pet moving company is another great idea if you want to have a smooth and safe relocation with your pet.


Photo Credit: Vaila Bhaumick

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