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Losing a Pet

give in memoriam

Losing a Pet

give in memoriam

Losing a pet is devastating.

You never forget the unconditional love that they gave you nor do you forget the amount of joy they brought to your life. Please know that many people who do not have pets may not understand your grief and sadness, but please know it is normal to mourn the relationship you had with your pet.

There are many meaningful way to keep their memory alive from holding a memorial service where you can share memories with your friends and family about your pet to making a photo album of printed photos of happy memories that you can access at any time. You can also write a poem or letter to you dog expressing how much they meant to you.

Just remember, grief is an personal process – there is no time frame for you to be “over it” nor is it a linear process. Don’t be surprised if you feel better one day and then worse the next.

Honor your pet by helping animals

Celebrate the life of a pet with a memorial gift to Dharamsala Animal Rescue

Grieving a loved one and coping with the loss of your irreplaceable companion is not easy, but you pour the love you have for your pet into filling the bellies of  50 shelter dogs who have no one.

Give a memorial gift to Dharamsala Animal Rescue and save the life of a homeless street dog. We rescue up to 500 dogs per year who have no one. The gift you give in honor of your pet will give another dog a second chance at life.

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