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Become a Rescue Ambassador

and join our fight to end human death by rabies

Be a Rescue Ambassador

Dharamsala Animal Rescue’s Ambassador Committee was formed to develop a stronger network that connects more people to DAR and support our effort to create a rabies-free dog population to end human death by rabies, provide humane animal control and rescue programs, adoption and community education.

You can support us by creating fundraisers, making introductions, placing dogs, recruiting volunteers and much more. How you take action depends your personal interests and strengths. We work with you individually to develop goals, define a strategy and create an action plan so you feel empowered and supported.


Donors, volunteers or passionate people who love Dharamsala Animal Rescue.


Work to create global awareness about the work we do at DAR to end human deaths by rabies.


Expand our community and fundraising to further our support for the animals and people of Himachal Pradesh.


Champion our work through social media, personal connections, or news media to spread the word about DAR.


All year round.


Around the world.

I want to be an Ambassador