Muffin has a home…

However, Dharamsala Animal Rescue (DAR) needs help to get her there. Why should you help Muffin you ask? Well let us tell you her tale. 

Muffin was rescued in May of 2015, after getting run down by a car, right in front of her mother. When the rescue team at DAR went to get her, they noticed that she looked really sad when they had to take her away. To them, it seemed as if she had tears in her eyes saying goodbye to her mom.


Muffin Dog Home


Muffin was full of wounds and had fractures in three out of four of her legs. In many cases, with a dog like this, euthanasia is an option. But Muffin had spunk, and the will to live, so the team did the best they could. In a developing country mountain town, with limited access to diagnostic equipment and experienced veterinarians, it is sometimes not enough.

Overcoming her odds, Muffin became a happy girl. Her odds included the fact that some of her fractures had calcified before she was rescued. There is no way to know how long Muffin was lying on the street before someone called for help causing this to happen.

But being the great girl she is, she learned to run just as fast as other dogs by developing her own way of running—basically using hop-like motion—initiated by her one good leg. As you can see in the photo below, walk time quickly became her favorite time of day.



Over two years later, Muffin is still at DAR. Because of her condition, she could not be put back out on the street. There is no way she could survive, fending for herself, or trying to out-run yet another car. She became a permanent resident at DAR and sponsorships were given for her care. She has a good life at DAR but there is always the dream of finding a forever home.

Then one day, it happened. DAR received an email from a couple from California. They had fallen in love. They wanted her. It took a bit more wooing to convince them because as most of us know online dating can be tough! But this video below is what did it. It sealed the deal. Muffin has a home…now we need to get her there. To do that we have two options:

  1. Find someone flying from New Delhi to San Francisco who is willing to take her on the plane as a flight volunteer plus approximately $700
  2. Raise money to send her alone. (approximately $2000)

Before you decide if you can help, watch the video. Then, email for more information on being a flight volunteer and click below to donate.


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