Dear Dog Lovers,

This year in January, my dog Bushpig and me were torn apart by her sudden death.

I am sure many of you have been there. The pain was overwhelming.

After weeks of tears and more tears, I discovered that there was something immortal that I was left with apart from the pain of losing and the wonderful memories of twelve years. It was the love in my heart which she left me with, resulting in the wish to give a home to a new dog. Going through a labyrinth of coincidences, I happened to spot these pictures of Rosi and Lupi at Dharamsala Animal Rescue.  Both were victims of car accidents and at that time being on their way to being mended in the care of DAR.

My heart was beating so fast when I saw them.  I decided to email DAR and find out whether these pups were looking for a home and if I could possibly adopt them. It seemed crazy, but it felt just so right.

As the answer was “yes,” I jumped at the chance with great joy and enthusiasm. People asked me: “Why two dogs? Why from so far away?”

Well, because I knew they were my dogs. How did I know they were my dogs? It is as it is written in the sky. I wake up and they are my first thought in the morning. Every where I walk, I imagine how it would be to take them along … how they could have fun, how they would be welcome, what they might enjoy, how they would run and play, how I could cuddle them.

Meanwhile DAR did everything they could to help my dogs fully recover, which was like a miracle especially for Lupi having two hind legs broken.

However, that’s when the problems started.  The European Union regulations do not been make things easy. A rabies antibodies test is required for each dog and costs  $895 for the two dogs (including the charges to send the samples to an accredited EU lab). I was ready to pay, but then dogs’ tests failed two times!

Every time it was like a shock to me, I could not understand why we had such bad luck. But the sight of my dogs who faced such much bigger difficulties in their young lives, encouraged me to go on. I was going to keep testing until we had a positive. With the help of Airpets, who generously offered to cover one of the tests for free, and DAR keeping the pups healthy and safe, I marched on.

Just a few days ago, I received the most amazing news. Finally, on the third test, Rosi and Lupi both passed! Now, I can get them home in December of 2017. What a journey this has been. I cannot wait to get them into my home and arms.

Unfortunately, now, since I had to pay for multiple rabies antibody tests, I need some help to cover the costs of getting them to me. I have spent over $2000 on the tests and still need $3000 to get them to Germany,

Deb, the DAR Founder, encouraged me to tell you our story and to ask you to help us with your donations if possible. We are about to take the last step and Rosi and Lupi have grown up to young teenage ladies who are ready to discover the world, and a real home. I am sure both of them will be so grateful if you enable them to go home by supporting this last and decisive step with your donation.

Please DONATE HERE, if you can help get my two girls home.

We will all be forever grateful,


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