Hi, I am Dr. Suraj. 

I was rescued by Dharamsala Animal Rescue (DAR) when I was really sick. I owe my life to them, so I promised DAR I would work to help raise awareness and funds by being their Ambassador. 
You can read more about me here, but for now, let’s stick to the business at hand. 

Every month at Dharamsala Animal Rescue we do the following: 

  • Spay/Neuter and provide rabies vaccination for 30 to 80 stray dogs and pets
  • Treat 100 animals plus follow ups with our Mobile Clinic
  • Rescue and provide 24/7 care for 25 – 30 small animals
  • Perform emergency surgeries, provide X-rays and blood tests, etc.

and the costs add up! We never want to have to say “no” to a rescue call because we do not have enough money for medicine. I cannot even imagine what would have happened to me if DAR had no money. 

Even though it seems like a big amount ( we need to raise $2500, or RS 1,60,000, to cover our monthly costs), remember, every little bit helps.
Read below to see how you can help us!
Just a $10 (RS 650) donation:
will give 1 dog all of its vaccinations and dewormer. (Rabies, 6 in 1) OR Cover follow up care for a puppy we treat on our Mobile Clinic 

Just $25 (RS 1600) will provide 1 neuter OR Just $35 (RS 2200) will provide a spay.


Just $50 (3200) will cover 1 months medicine for a dog with mange. (me/Suraj photographed with mange)