Give Your Dog Clean Water


GOpure and Save a Life

Dharamsala Animal Rescue has teamed up with GOpure. GOpure goes where other water purifiers and filters can’t go. Every faucet, sink, spigot, hose, drinking fountain, in every neighborhood, town, city, and country. Every drop of water from every potable source is now safe to drink  – for you and your pet. Purchase a GOpure Pet Water Filter from DAR and 50% goes towards our life-saving work.

Why GOpure Pet Water Purifier

Not all water is created equal! And we want to give our dogs the best. In the USA, tap water may contain fluoride, which some studies show may cause cancer in pets. There is also the issue of chlorine in tap water. Your dogs also may drink out of lakes, rivers, puddles, and toilets – all filled with bacteria that contain bacteria and parasites.

All of the above makes your dog’s bowl one of the top germ spots in your home! Give your pup the cleanest, greatest tasting water with GOpure Pet! The Pod purifies and enhances the water, prevents slimy build-up in the bowl, and helps prevent grass burn.

Keep your dog healthy and help rescues in India.

By purchasing GOpure water filters through our site, DAR receives 50% to help our rescue efforts! Just $29.95 plus shipping – USA ONLY. (Canada soon)

How it Works

The power within every Pod comes from an unlimited and renewable resource that has been trusted by Mother Nature for over 20 million years called diatomaceous earth (DE).

Every Pod features an “advanced ceramic core” made from DE and trace silver that performs like a magnet to continuously attract, bind and adsorb every heavy metal, inorganic, bacteria, impure chemical and more. The Pod: 

  1. Reduces bacteria, metals and other impurities
  2. Reduces odors present in tap water, especially chlorine
  3. Protects against water deterioration and improving taste
  4. Raises the pH level to the body’s optimum level (7.4*)
  5. Releases minerals and rebalancing the water’s mineral content when necessary
  6. Keeps water fresh over longer periods and preventing biofilm formation

Are you outside of the US?

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