Only You Can Give Them Hope

Give Today. All Donations Doubled.

62 million dogs are homeless in India, most lacking food, shelter, and medical care. Dharamsala Animal Rescue has helped over 19,000 animals in our town, only because of people like you! 

We have $2500 in Matching Funds for Giving Tuesday.

Double your donation TODAY to help make a difference in these dogs’s lives.

DONATE USA (and anywhere but India, the UK, or Australia)

What your donations can do:

₹100  Covers the cost for 50 syringes
₹200   Provides rabies vaccination and deworming
₹500   Feeds a shelter dog for 1 week
₹1000  Covers the medicine costs to sterilize one dog
₹3000 Covers the cost of life-saving veterinary treatments


What your donations can do:

$10  Feeds a dog for 2 weeks
$25   Neuters and vaccinates one male dog
$35   Spays and vaccinates one female dog
$50   Supports a patient’s care for one month
$100 Takes a hit and run victim from hurt to healed