Rain showers and the first flakes of snow probably won’t temper your dog’s eagerness to play this fall. The good news is that there are lots of different activities to do with your dog as the seasons change.

Whether you want to frolic in the cold or hang out inside, there’s an activity for you and your pet. Check out just a few of the ideas below.

Physical Activities With Your Dog – More Than A Fun Time

There’s no hibernating for some pet dogs in the fall and winter months. Many still want to be outside playing with their favorite toy, even if you’d rather be inside nestled by the fire.

Dig deep for that extra bit of energy for your furry pal this fall. It’s important for their health and happiness. That’s because an active dog is a healthy dog. Exercise during the cold months of fall and winter may help your pup fight-off canine obesity. This is important, as extra puppy pounds can lead to a host of different health issues.1

Fortunately, most dogs are eager to get outside for some exercise, so don’t let that leash gather dust this fall. Try one of these favorite pooch pastimes during the season of change for that extra bit of exercise.

Trail Hiking: For The Athletic Adventure Dog

A spirited walk or hike through the woods is a great way to get some exercise and improve your dog’s health and mood. Trail hiking with your dog gives them a chance to excel at their “dogginess.” Lots of sniffing, running, and sightseeing will help stimulate your dog’s senses and keep them happy.

Before you pack those knapsacks for a day on the trail, check to make sure that you are exploring dog-friendly trails. Additionally, bring your dog’s leash and plenty of baggies to uphold trail etiquette when hiking with a pooch. And make sure you’ve got plenty of fresh water for them (and you).2

You also want to make sure that you find a trail that’s suitable for your dog’s size and stamina levels. The last thing you want is to carry them all the way back because they’re too tired.

Cross-Country Skiing And Snowshoeing: Boundless Fun In The Snow

Adult and child on cross country skis, with dogIf there’s snow on the ground, try heading out for some cross-country skiing or snowshoeing with your dog.

No need to get your pooch their own set of skis. Many dogs are happy to pounce alongside their owners through the fresh powder as you ski or snowshoe. This gives your pup a great chance to burn off some serious energy in the solitude of the snowy forest.

Be sure that your pup has the right stamina and build for such a strenuous outing before venturing too far into the woods. Many dogs are not built for cold weather climates.

Fun With Other Dogs At The Park

Dogs meeting at dog parkFall brings plenty of clear, cool days that are perfect for a fun afternoon in the dog park with your pooch. This is a great place to play fetch, run around, and enjoy the company of other dogs.

Dogs are generally social by nature, so it’s healthy and beneficial for them to interact with other canines from the safety and comfort of the dog park. This socialization develops good behavior and etiquette with other dogs and humans alike.3

Keep in mind that some dogs are a little shyer and less keen to play with others. Gauge your dog’s reaction to a lot of running about and barking before unleashing them to the hordes of playful pups.4

Relaxing Fall Activities For You And Your Dog

Not everyday needs to be go-go-go with your furry friend. There are lots of fun activities that you can do together from the comfort and warmth of home, or even in the car. These enjoyable activities are often fun for dogs of all sizes and ages.

Kitchen Time: All The Smell And Tastes

Beagle intently looking at food being preparedInclude your canine companion in the kitchen if you have a long afternoon set aside for cooking. You can sneak your pup some tastes as you prepare the festive feast.(Just make sure they are dog-friendly foods) Or, better yet, you can make them their own special, homemade dog treats.

You know better than anyone what your dog enjoys. Try to tailor a recipe to align with their preferences. Also, you can include ingredients that are particularly beneficial for your dog’s health.5

They’ll love the opportunity to spend some valuable time by your side. Check with your vet before feeding any people food to your pup.

Car Rides: For A Change of Scenery

Bichon FriseConsider putting your pup in the backseat of your car for a drive. This is particularly fun if the wind, rain, and sleet make outdoor activities impossible or downright unenjoyable.

Riding in the car can also be a great activity for small dogs who don’t want to miss out on the action. It offers a nice change of scenery for your pooch and a little mental stimulation as the world goes by in the window.

Pop on your favorite podcast and let the fall colors wash by as you both do some nice unwinding together. Don’t forget to bring some of those homemade dog treats along for the ride (and maybe a little something for yourself).

Any Time With You Is A Good Time

You can truly make your dog “man’s best friend” with any of these activities. No matter what you decide to do, your dog will enjoy the time with you.

Keep your pet’s age, size, and physical abilities in mind when considering any of these activities. You don’t want to over-exert them or expose them to any harsh conditions.

It’s always a good idea to speak to your vet if you have any concerns before starting a new activity or exercise with your dog this fall.

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