Rescue Dog Day is on May 20th and adopting a rescue dog would be the obvious way to celebrate! 

But, if that seems like a huge leap, there are also other ways you can mark the day that will help dogs in need. Adopting and fostering are both fantastic ways to help dogs and we would always recommend that you do so responsibly. There is so much you can do to prepare for this step, as well as promoting dog rescue in ways you perhaps didn’t think about.


So, you’ve decided you want to adopt a rescue dog? Great – you won’t regret it. The sheer amount of love and rewards you’ll get from your fur buddy will surely change your life. Your dog will brighten every day and given love and interaction from you, will love you back unconditionally like you never thought possible! That said, it’s a good idea to think carefully and do some research before making the commitment. Take advice from the rescue centre on potential costs (food, medical bills, training) and time commitments. Go with a responsible organisation who will be able to advise you on the dog’s behaviours, training they might need and ask what’s covered in the adoption fee – vaccinations? spay/neuter? Microchipping? Pet passport? 


If you’re not ready to make a lifelong commitment to a rescue pup, fostering is a wonderful way to help a rescue dog. Again, a reputable rescue centre will be able to give you the support you need to socialise and help prepare the dog for its forever home. If you’re thinking about adopting, this can be a great option to test out whether having a dog in your life is a good fit. You never know which cute canines are going to come into your life with fostering and it’s so valuable to rescue centre to have fosterers due to limited space.


Donations for stray dogs are always something shelters need more of. If you’re not sure what kind of things to donate, a quick online search for ‘dog donation near me’ will no doubt bring up your nearest shelter who will be able to advise you on what they need. Some shelters have wishlists already set up or you can simply give a monetary donation through their pages. Others have online shops so if you feel like a bit of retail therapy, get searching for some doggie merch!


Volunteers are such a valuable resource for rescue centres. There are so many roles you can fulfill to help rescue dogs in need. From dog walking at the shelter to fundraising to using your valuable skills where they’re needed, you can make a difference by giving your time. Needs will probably vary from shelter to shelter but why not give your local a call and see what you can do? Oh, and let’s not forget — you’ll get back everything you give tenfold in snuggles and slobbery kisses!

Advocate and Educate

Educating young people is one of the best ways to ensure the next generation learns to care for stray dogs in the best way possible. Raising awareness and educating on some of the issues that cause dog abandonment and homelessness, as well as the ways we can help or prevent it, is one habit you could introduce this rescue dog day. There are many organisations you can follow and share on social media and this is another possible avenue for volunteering locally or online — the possibilities are endless. 

Tell Your Story

Have you adopted a rescue dog yourself? Why not shout about it! Be proud of what you’ve done for that doggo’s life and share your achievements (both yours and theirs). Write your story, share an article online, or go back to your rescue centre who I’m sure would be delighted to do a case study on your and your pup. Don’t forget to post all the happy photos from your life together.

Be responsible

Being a responsible dog owner is the best way you can celebrate rescue dog day. Overpopulation is a big problem worldwide and especially in India so having your dog spayed/neutered at the right time is crucial to keep numbers down in dog shelters. Speak to your vet to get advice on when the time is right but this, along with vaccinating for rabies to protect dogs and humans alike, is one of the biggest steps you can take to help out. 

Seriousness aside, have fun this rescue dog day! Show your pet some love, take them to their favourite place, play with them just that lil’ bit extra and perhaps a treat or two wouldn’t go amiss!

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