Ready to fight for the animals?

…Well DAR Wars is here! Suraj is fighting the good fight with his “Rescue Respect Repeat” hat made by Arm the Animals.

Arm the Animals (ATA), is a clothing company out of Los Angeles that has created “cool looking” animal welfare tees, hats, leggings, hoodies, and so on where a percentage of the proceeds benefit animal rescue organizations.

ATA has been in existence since 2010 when the founder’s sister unexpectedly died. She was a lifelong animal advocate and rescuer so it was created in her honor. The founder noticed that most animals welfare tees were extreme – blood & guts, or kittens & flowers – with nothing in between. From this, The “ATA vibe” was born: a combination of punk rock, pop culture, humor and street art divided by a snarky, irreverent, DIY ethos.

ATA has helped over 100 animal welfare organizations such as Austin Pets Alive to help animals effected by Hurricane Harvey, and India’s own Wildlife SOS to help with Raju the elephant’s rescue, as well as his long term stay with his elephant friends at their sanctuary.

Now, they are helping DAR. With every purchase you make from Arm the Animals, DAR get 20%! Yes, you heard that right, 20%. All you need to do is to enter our unique code in when you check out. Our code is, you guessed it, DARWars.

Select one of the many teeshirts and two DAR dogs get vaccinated for rabies.


Buy one of these awesome bandanas for your dog or cat and three DAR dogs get dewormed.

We are so happy to go to battle with ATA to keep up the good fight and protect our animals.

Join us in the DAR Wars!  Click the button to start shopping. (worldwide shipping available)

About the author

Deb Jarrett

Deb Jarrett

Founder/Executive Director

When I was about to turn 40, I decided I needed to do something that would really expand my horizons. My life was good, but something was missing. A feeling of making a true contribution on this planet was lacking deep down inside of me.

The need to fill that void led me to Dharamsala, India to spend several weeks volunteering at a preschool. Working with the children proved completely overwhelming, as did the chaotic culture of India. What truly got to me, however, was seeing an injured and bloody dog lying in the temple where the school was held, apparently left to die. It broke my heart to watch the dog suffer — and to see how little the local people seemed to care about his condition.

I was saddened by the reactions, and felt helpless. Incredibly, my path crossed with a local man who knew someone who could help. Miraculously, my actions and concern sparked a change. Today, I am happy to report the dog, Tommy, is healthy and cared for by this very village. Upon returning home to the USA, I knew I needed to do everything in my power to improve the lives of the street animals. I created Dharamsala Animal Rescue to raise awareness about the animals of Dharamsala and fund local projects.” – Deb Jarrett, Founder