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Adopt Mudi 

If you live in the Kangra District of H.P. and are interested in adopting Temple Boy, please call 98828 58631 Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 5pm to set up an appointment to meet him and fill out an application.

If you are in Canada and want to adopt, please see application below. 

Mudi was dumped over our front gate when she was only 6 weeks old. She was not sick. She was abandoned. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find home for female dogs, even if they are spayed and will not produce litters. We don’t know why females are less likely to get adopted, especially because they are easier to train, usually better at socializing. However, the sex of dog truly has no bearing on what dog is better for your family. You should focus on what you are looking for in a dog more than the sex.

Mudi is affectionate and friendly. She is good with humans, adults and children, and other dogs. As she is young and energetic, she will need an active family who like to go outdoor and spend time with their dog. There are tons of things that she likes: fetching the ball, playing with fluffy toy, getting treats while sitting, learning tricks, going for walks, enjoying special nature outings, playing with canine companions, cuddling… The only thing she doesn’t do is play in water or mud. That’s good to know! She loves to be petted and to snuggle with her human friends.

Will you be the lucky family who will add this happy and friendly girl to your family? Apply today! 

She is the favorite of DAR employee Karam!