puppies for adoption


If you live in the Kangra District of H.P. and are interested in adopting Temple Boy, please call 98828 58631 Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 5pm to set up an appointment to meet him and fill out an application.

Poor Bowie is a victim of abuse. Even though he had a feeder, another local threw stones at him which led to a permanent eye injury. Upon rescue, it was clear he was unhealthy in many ways – skin issues, and thin.

Today – Bowie is a smart and a quick learner! His favorite game is to carefully tear to pieces his fluffy toys, so make sure you get many! However, he doesn’t play in water or mud as he likes to keep his coat clean. 

Bowie is shy with strangers, for this reason, we think he would be better in a house without children, and not in a too crowded place. He needs to be around humans who respect his boundaries to be comfortable. But once he trusts you, he will ask you to rub his ears for hours!  Also, a home with another dog will please him best. Right now, he plays non-stop with his best friend Bonnie at the shelter. Bowie could be one of those dogs that gain confidence when he is not the only dog around. 

He loves getting treats while sitting on command, will you be the one teaching him new tricks? If you think you can provide the right environment for this beautiful boy, contact us today!