CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol oil, is widely known for its many health benefits.

There is practically no part of the body that it can’t help. And, what’s more, it is also very safe and beneficial for animals. 

Now, if your dog is suffering from an ailment and you are wondering if CBD oil can assuage the pain or discomfort they’re feeling, here are seven ways CBD oil may be able to help them:

It Alleviates Pain CBD oil is widely famed for its ability to relieve chronic pains. Research supports the use of CBD for relieving all types of pain in both animals and humans. CBD is useful for reducing pain, and treating osteoarthritis, a common type of arthritis in dogs pancreatitis in dogs. So, if your dog is suffering from intense pain, CBD oil can be of help to your furry friend.

 It Is Not Psychoactive One of the fears that some dog owners have when it comes to using CBD oil for their fur babies is the possibility of intoxication. However, such a claim is highly unfounded because, ideally, CBD oil only has traces (not more than 0.3%) of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This substance causes the feeling of being “high” and is usually more concentrated than marijuana. However, studies show that dogs react well to CBD.

 It is the presence of THC in marijuana hemp oil for dogs that leads to its psychoactive tendencies. But, with CBD oil, dog owners can rest, knowing fully well that their dogs are safe and won’t get intoxicated.

 It Reduces Anxiety

One of the things that can make a dog owner extremely worried is to discover that their dog is unnecessarily anxious. However, the good news is that CBD oil is handy for treating anxiety issues in humans and possibly dogs. A review shows that CBD offers a safer alternative to treat anxiety and other stress-related issues in both humans and animals. 

 Reduces the Growth of Cancerous Cells

Tumor-related growth signifying the presence of cancerous cells in your dog is a serious cause of concern. One of the likely benefits your dog can get from CBD is preventing and limiting tumor growth. Recent research shows that CBD oil can be useful in limiting the spread of cancerous cells and tumors in humans and animals.

Also, because CBD oil works so well for alleviating pain, it can also reduce the pain associated with such growth. It also strengthens the immunity of your dog and further aids and increases the success chances of conventional cancer treatment.

It Acts As An Appetite Booster

As a dog owner, it is only natural for you to enjoy feeding your dog and watching them eat. However, it can become disconcerting when the dog only sniffs the food and doesn’t eat. In a situation where your dog has lost their appetite or is vomiting, CBD oil may help. Research says that the use of CBD oil can help restore appetite and vomiting associated with food or drug irritation in cancer patients. Besides, there are several anecdotal evidence from dog owners that supports the use of CBD to improve appetite in dogs.

 It Secures The Nervous System

CBD gives preventive as well as protective benefits. CBD oil not only safeguards your dog from several health problems, but it also protects your dog’s nervous system. CBD helps prevent brain cell death and also protects the brain from toxins and free radicals. Using CBD oil in acute doses may protect your dog from degenerative myelopathy and some other related nerve and spine problems.

 It Can Be Used As A Treatment For Epilepsy

It is no news that most dogs battle with seizures and epilepsy, and having an episode is one of the worst things that can happen to your furry friend. To treat this condition in dogs, some fur parents may resort to using drugs, such as phenobarbital and potassium bromide. However, these drugs can be dangerous for the health of your dog.

While it may be effective in treating seizures, it could also result in other health problems, and you don’t want that for your dog. Research agrees that CBD shows a lot of potential in treating seizures in dogs. Although the study concludes that there is a need for more clinical trials, it nonetheless offers an alternative treatment option with less severe effects.

CBD oil has, over the years, proven to be helpful to a lot of dogs and their parents. It can serve as an appetite booster and a pain reliever, plus it can boost the immune and nervous systems. It can also help in treating epilepsy and tumor growth.  So, if your dog is experiencing any of the health issues mentioned above, and you are wondering if CBD oil would be helpful to your fur-baby, it is advisable to go ahead and give it a try. Anyway, there is absolutely nothing to lose!


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