It’s perfectly normal for dog owners to worry about their pets.

You’ll constantly think about how to keep them away from harm and any possible sickness, as well as reduce potential risks along the way. The world is full of danger, and you want to do anything to keep your dog safe from harm’s way.  

Dangers lurk everywhere, and these could hurt your dog. Luckily for you, there are ways that can help lessen that fear and paranoia you have developed over worrying about your dog’s safety. 

Here are six ways to help you keep your dog safe indoors, outdoors, and, basically, everywhere they go:

1. Get Your Dog A Collar With Their Name

A dog collar is more than just a piece of accessory (although a cute bandana never goes wrong!). This can also serve as your dog’s identification that they’re not a homeless or stray dog, especially if they’re not microchipped.

There are some states wherein they seize and impound stray dogs whenever they find them, and they automatically become properties of the state. However, in the event your dog gets loose and another person sees that they have a collar and a name-tag, they’ll immediately know that they’re a missing dog and will work on returning them to the rightful owner.

It’s also advisable that you put an address on your dog’s collar so that people who find them will know where exactly they should be returned to.  

2. Secure Your Yard

It’s great for dog owners to have a garden or a yard for their pets to run and play around in. However, everyone knows that dogs are good diggers, jumpers, and are skillful escape artists.

If you don’t want to see your dog easily escaping with or without anyone noticing, it’d be best if you take extra precautions by surrounding your outdoor open space with dog fencing. This way, your dog can’t easily jump over or escape from your garden; else, you’ll be spending the rest of the day looking for your dog on the streets.  

Additionally, it’s more important to have fences around the house if you live in the city or close to the main roads. This will keep your dog from easily running away toward the main street, which could put them in danger by being accidentally run over by vehicles.

3. Never Leave Your Dog Inside Your Vehicle

Dogs are sensitive to heat and cold. They can quickly overheat when exposed to the sun for too long, or freeze in low temperatures. For this reason, never ever leave your dog inside your car unattended in extreme temperatures. A car can easily heat up as the sun’s heat goes through the windows. Leaving the dog inside will dehydrate them; in worse cases, it could instantly kill them.

In case you’re in a situation wherein you have no choice but to leave your dog for a while in the car, make sure to leave a window open to ensure proper air circulation. But, ideally, you should never leave your dog inside your vehicle at all.

4. Use A Dog Leash

Using a dog leash doesn’t mean you should always put your dog on the leash; it only means you have to keep them on their leash at the right time, at the right place. Putting your dog on a leash will keep them safe from running too far from you or suddenly walking into a busy road while you’re both doing your morning walk. Moreover, a dog leash will also help train your dog to have better road sense.

5. Be Careful If Sharing Human Food With Your Dog

There may be times when you’re eating your favorite ice cream or chocolate bar, for instance, and, suddenly, your dog comes wagging their tail and showing off their big puppy eyes, begging a share of whatever you’re eating. In this case, never give in to your dog’s charm!

Human food isn’t always fit for dogs. In fact, many human foods are poisonous to dogs. If your dog wants a piece of your chocolate, feed them dog treats instead.

6. Check For Poisonous Plants Around Your Area

While having a garden space for your dog is a great thing, make sure you check for any existing poisonous plant around your plot before letting them freely navigate the area. Whenever you plan on adding a new plant to your yard, make sure to look it up first and see if it’s safe to be around dogs. If not, it’d be best to look for other, safer options instead.

Know Your Dog

As a dog owner, it’s your obligation to know everything about your dog, including the things that could put their safety at risk.. So, keep the above tips in mind to help you secure your dog’s safety, making sure you and your dog will have more happy and healthy years together. Remember, your dog’s life, health, and safety depend on you.

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Rafael Phillips is an animal rights advocate with years of experience in professional dog care. He is knowledgeable in dog fence installation and building dog houses too. Rafael imparts his skills and experience taking care of dogs through guest posting.