Moving from one place to another can be stressful, not just to the humans in your family but the non- humans as well.

For many, moving might mean juggling time and effort from packing their valuables to reporting on time for work while taking care of the kids. Undeniably, moving can be challenging. But aside from taking care of your tasks for the move, you also have to pay attention to how you can prepare your pet for the move. Unlike human beings, pets can’t tell us what they want and need, making it challenging for pet owners to communicate with them and vice versa. Hiring a pet-friendly moving company might make things easier, but it’s not the only solution to the problem.

Being a pet owner is both a rewarding and challenging experience. Having a pet around can brighten everyone’s mood and alleviate stress, but on the other side of the coin, pet owners need to be their for their pets through their ups and downs. A responsible pet owner also should exert time and effort to prepare their pets for an upcoming move. Here are 6 tips on how you can make the move go smoothly:

Meet your vet before moving.

There are a lot of reasons why meeting your vet is crucial before moving to a new location. For one, your new home or neighborhood might require pets to have specific vaccinations.  Additionally, seeing your vet before moving will allow you to ask for recommendations for other vets who are working within your new area. Getting recommendations and referrals will give you peace of mind that your vet entrusted your pet to someone who’s reliable and credible. While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask for copies of your pets’ medical records from your vet. This will make it easier for the next vet to provide advice when your pet experiences health issues.

Give your pets time to be comfortable with travel.

Some pets love traveling with their owners while others hate doing it. To ensure that your pet will be comfortable on your moving day, give him time to be comfortable with travel. You can do this by taking your pet on short car trips during the day. The duration of these car trips can increase every day. For example, you can start by taking a 30-minute ride around the neighborhood and then 45 minutes for the next day, and so on. This is a simple tip which can help ease stress when traveling.

Your pets’ comfort items should be within reach.

Even if you’re hiring pet-friendly movers, your pets should be traveling with you. If you’re bringing your own vehicle, your pets should be seated in the car with you. Aside from ensuring that you’re also near to them, have their comfort items within reach. This can include their favorite toy, blanket or even treats. Don’t forget to pack food and water for them, as well!

Consider hiring a pet sitter.

No matter how much you love your pet, the move will require you to mingle with the movers, lift heavy boxes and unpack all of your valuables. Doing all of these tasks while looking after your pets can delay the progress and even cause stress. Save yourself by hiring pet sitters on moving day and unpacking day. You can hire professional services or ask for help from your friends and family. Once you know that someone is taking care of your pet, you’ll be more focused on completing the move rather than thinking your pet’s meal.

Keep a routine.

Moving from one location to another is stressful and time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be this way for your pets. Even if you’re occupied for the move, you should still prioritize maintaining a routine with your pets such as walking around the neighborhood every afternoon or playing fetch in the morning. This is a great way of minimizing your pets’ stress while helping them adjust to the new environment they’re in.

Determine Your Priorities

As we all know, as soon as you adopt a pet, priorities change. Budgets are made to ensure pet care is handled and some extra funds are spent on some spoiling! So remember, if you’re a pet owner who is genuinely concerned about the wellness of your pets, never forget to prepare them before moving. This should be part of your to-do-list aside from the usual packing and decluttering.


Author:Dianne Belencio-Abonita

Editor: Deb Jarrett

Images: Flickr and Pixabay


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