Volunteer with DAR

  • Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Dharamsala Animal Rescue. We truly appreciate your interest in helping us help the animals we serve!

Requirements for Non Medical Volunteers:

  • Volunteers must be:
  • 18yrs and older
  • respect all animals, staff, working hours, regulations
  • must volunteer for a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Work hours 9:30am – 5pm Monday – Saturday
  • willing to do any of the assigned duties.
  • willing to fundraise a minimum of $100 for your volunteer experience

Requirements for Medical Volunteers:

  • Must have completed a minimum of 3 years of Vet school
  • Must volunteer for a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Must Work hours 9:30am – 5pm Monday – Saturday
  • Must be willing to share information as well as learn
  • Willing to do any of the assigned duties.

Duties Include the Following: 

Animal Welfare

  • Walk inpatient dogs for pee and poop
  • Grooming – Bathe/Brush
  • Clean eyes and ears (use cotton wool & water)
  • Fleas, worms, weight loss fur loss, cuts – alert staff if you see any
  • Dog hiking in the afternoon
  • Clean and fill water bowls
  • Training – train dogs how to sit, lie down, stay, etc
  • Food preparation and feeding
  • Make sure each dog in a cage has a clean, dry blanket
  • Do basic treatments like dressing change, fluid administration


  • Take photos and writ stories from Mobile Clinic, and shelter
  • Go on Mobile Clinic and take photos and gather stories
  • Write a blog post for the DAR blog
  • Work at Saturday Fundraising booth in Mcleodganj (seasonal)
  • Start a Fundraising page to raise funds for DAR
  • Write the Monthly Newsletter
  • Share our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest posts

General Tasks

  • Sweep and mop
  • Help with cleaning, sweeping mopping, picking u poop
  • Make chai for the staff
  • Do Laundry

Special Projects Needing to be implemented

  • Make compost
  • Teach the staff English, computers
  • Translate our brochures to Hindi, Tibetan, etc

For Medical Volunteers Only

  • Vets to perform Spay/Neuter Surgeries
  • Vets and Vet Students to help with diagnoses and treatments
  • Contribute in any way possible!

How to become a volunteer:


Where to Stay

Dharamsala Animal Rescue is located in the beautiful village of Rakkar. Rakkar is an agricultural village inhabited by the indigenous shepherd community called the Gaddi and has a population of around 1500 people. The village is still largely untouched by the invasion of modern life and is relatively self sustainable in terms of the local economy, also because many people grow their own food and have their own land.

In Rakkar there is a wonderful space promoting sustainability and only taking in travelers working for the betterment of the community called Ghoomakad. To read more about it and book your accommodations click HERE. Minimum stay is 2 weeks.

Dhauladhar Home Stay is a new guesthouse with a clean double room and attached bathroom, just 5 mins walk from the clinic.  400 per night but can negotiate cheaper price for longer stay.

Breakfast is rs 70 includes; chai, vegetable dish with roti or parantha.
Dinner is rs 100 includes; vegetable dish, dal, rice and roti.
Contact details are Pintu on 9882817429 or 9736717429 or
Tree of Life

Gamru Village, 20 minutes away from Dharamsala Animal Rescue, is where several DAR employees live.  In this village, we recommend,  Tree of Life Holistics Healing Homestay. This is a vegetarian homestay owned by two animal lovers. There are 2 double rooms to let. What is unique about the space is that they also offer massage, acupuncture, reflexology and reiki. This is offered at a discounted rate for our guests. If you stay here, you will carpool with the DAR staff to work daily.