Without them, DAR would be nothing. 


Meet Kamlesh: Dar India Trustee and Manager

He is the glue that keeps the shelter together. Whether he is helping with a surgery or uploading clinical info into the computer, he is always busy and always giving 110 percent!


Meet Parveen:  Dar India Trustee and Veterinary Assistant

He grew up in the village right next to our clinic and is the silent strength of DAR. He is organized, smart, and always there when you need to figure out a solution to a problem.



Meet Sanjay: DAR India Trustee and Vet Assistant

He is the guy you want in your corner to keep things grounded. He is always there with a smile on his face and a willing attitude to do any task in the name of animals. Also a local guy, he has many contacts that have helped DAR grow in the community.


Meet Vijay: Animal Welfare Assistant – Night Duty

He was hired to stay over night to make sure our critical care patients have everything they need. However, Vijay loves his job so much, he usually stays through the day as well to help in anyway he can.

Richard and Gunga

Meet Richard:  – Operations Manager

Richard volunteers his time and expertise to help DAR with everything from bookkeeping to fundraising. We cannot thank him enough! When he is not at work he loves to spend time with his cat Zema.

Dr. Hari

Meet Dr. Hari: Veterinarian

He worked in Delhi before we swayed him to come work in the mountains. It seems to have worked well. The city boy is enjoying the mountain ways and helping tons of animals get properly diagnosed and treated.


Meet Samsher: Animal Welfare Assistant

He is Sanjay’s brother and I must say they were raised right. He has the same positive attitude and tells jokes to keep everyone feeling good. Again, all in the name of animals and DAR.


Meet Pavna: Cook

She is a single mom in the village who makes our staff chai daily as well as a nutritious lunch. The rest of the day she is taking care of her children and goats. Thanks Pavna for keeping our staff healthy and energetic!