Problem facts


 35 Million stray dogs in India

 India has the highest number of stray dogs in the world.

A day doesn’t go by when you won’t encounter one on the streets, either lingering near the garbage dumps or lying in some corner of the street resting in the shade.

 Dogs lack food, vaccination and shelter.

Each day, we come across a number of helpless stray dogs fighting for their painful existence.

 The dog population is growing.

The stray dog problem is exponentially growing in overcrowded cities of India, and even in smaller towns like Dharamsala.

1 person dies of rabies every 9 minutes

It is on the list of one of the most neglected tropical diseases. Rabies epidemics have transformed this challenge into a global public health priority.

54,000 people die of rabies every year

60% of rabies deaths are children under 15

By reducing the incidence of rabid dog bites in India by just 5%, we will prevent the death of 1,500 children per year

There is no cure for rabies, but it is 100% preventable




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