Our mission

We seek a humane and sustainable environment for animals with direct benefits to the people of Himachal Pradesh, India.  We work to end human deaths by rabies, provide humane animal control and rescue programs, adoption and community education
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Traditionally, the Government of India has tried to deal with the street dogs via mass exterminations. Dharamsala Animal Rescue felt that there must be a better way, and from humble beginnings, started to address the street dog issue in as humane a way as possible. Dharamsala Animal Rescue spays and neuters street dog, helps to provide medical treatment, and works to get as many dogs adopted in a forever-home as possible. We also work to raise awareness and change perceptions in India so that dogs can get more humane treatment.

Since 2009, we have sterilized and vaccinated approximately 1000 dogs. The dogs then go back onto the streets to live to fend for themselves. We are seeing an uptick in puppy adoptions which is great.

And we don’t just limit ourselves to dogs! We also have treated hundreds of cats, dogs, donkeys, cows, monkeys, and birds for various injuries and diseases.

Dharamsala Animal Rescue now has a great local staff and receives additional help from volunteer western veterinarians. Dharamsala Animal Rescue believes in empowering the local staff and helping them grow in their careers as they take care of these amazing animals.