Sponsor an Indian Dog – and get a friend for life

Marvin's 2016 Valentine

Marvin VDAY22

Sponsor a DAR Dog and Get a Friend for Life!

You will get three updates a year from your friend, so you can hear how you’re making a dog’s life great!

You can also sponsor a dog for someone else too! It’s a great gift for any dog-loving friend!

Johnny 2

Meet Johnny

Personality: The stubborn old man with a Harley-Davidson in his garage.

Our Lovely Marvin Passed Away in his Sleep.

Marvin 2

Meet Cookie

Personality: Pack Professor.


Meet Snowy

Personality: A true femme fatale.

Kalu Has Been Adopted and now Lives in Berlin!

Kalu 2

Meet Simi

Personality: Wandering Hobo who found her own forever home.


Meet Asha

Personality: Active gym member.  Learn more…


Meet Coconut

Personality:  Raring to go.. on three legs. 


Meet Shashi

Personality: Silent Seductress


Meet Muffin

Personality: Chilled out, no-nonsense girl, who just gets on with life.

Ooni 3

Meet Ooni

Personality: Introverted Hipster.


What is my sponsorship money used for?
Your sponsorship contributions are used to help your sponsor dog and all the dogs in our care.
The money is used to cover the costs of running DAR and providing all of the animals the food, medicine, walks, blankets, heat they need to have a good life!

How often will I hear from my sponsor dog?
Your sponsor dog will send you updates three times a year; at New Year’s, Valentines day, and again in the summertime.

Can I sponsor a dog as a gift for someone else?
YES! Once your sponsorship payment goest through, we will contact you to ask if it is for you or a friend and collect all appropriate details.

Why Sponsor?

Dharamsala Animal Rescue assists approximately 2000 animals per year to keep the population of strays healthy and community of Dharamsala free of rabies. Some dogs cannot be put back out on the street and do not get adopted, therefore we need to give them a forever home with DAR.

We need your help to ensure we have enough funds to make their lives matter.

And you can get a best friend for life, receiving updates 3 times a year on how your pal is doing. What could be better than that?